Sanjay Manaktala Of ‘IT Guy’ Fame Thinks These Bengaluru Eateries Will Tickle Your Palate


For those who live under a rock, meet Sanjay Manaktala, one of Bengaluru’s earliest stand-up comedians (with his IT Guy act) and self-proclaimed biryani fan. Here’s his love for biryani, professed in his own style.

Being a biryani lover and Swiggy user, we caught up with the IT Guy to talk about his favourite food in Bengaluru. Here are some tidbits…


Team Swiggy (TS): What’s a day in the life of Sanjay Manaktala like?

Sanjay Manaktala (SM): On most days, I’m working on a new video, binge-watching TV shows or juggling around ideas in my head or with friends. But no matter how much work there is on any given day, it’s always a good time for food.


TS: What are your favourite dishes to eat in Bengaluru?

SM: Whether it’s here or back in New York City, there are 3 dishes I can’t live without – pizza, pasta and the unbeatable biryani! But when I’m in Bangalore, I love to eat these classic dishes.

Pick #1: Cafe Thulp, Koramangala

Cafe Thulp has been serving its iconic burgers to Bangaloreans for as long as we can remember, and Sanjay is one of their loyal, satisfied customers!

Sanjay’s pick? Moo Burger

Check out what else is on Cafe Thulp’s menu now >

Cafe Thulp’s Moo with Bacon & Cheese


Pick #2: Siam Trading Co. Thai Kitchen, Indiranagar

Like Sanjay, if you’re craving Thai food, trust Siam Trading Co. to bring authentic Thai flavours to your plate and palate.

Sanjay’s pick? Pork Belly Rice with Shiitake Bowl

Take a look at Siam Trading Co.’s menu here >

Siam’s Pork Belly Rice with Shiitake Bowl


Pick #3: Meghana Foods, Residency Road

No to biryani? Never. No to biryani from Meghana Foods? Never EVER. Sanjay agrees.

Sanjay’s pick? Their lip-smacking biryanis!

Get yourself some biryani from Meghana Foods now >

Meghana Foods’ Boneless Chicken Biryani


Pick #4: Pasta Street, Indiranagar

Everyone loves a good pizza. And Sanjay believes his pizza match is made in Italian food heaven, Pasta Street.

Sanjay’s pick? Loaded Lamb Pepperoni Pizza

Let delicious Italian food from Pasta Street come your way now >

Pasta Street’s Chicken Delight Pizza


Pick #5: Drunken Monkey, Koramangala

Get high on refreshing juices and wholesome smoothies that Drunken Monkey has to offer.

Sanjay’s pick? One of their many delicious, healthy smoothies!

Recharge with one of the many juices from Drunken Monkey now >

Drunken Monkey’s Nut Case


Pick #6: Ocean, Koramangala

There’s something about Ocean’s food, specifically their Schezwan flavoured fried rice, that has Sanjay craving for more!

Sanjay’s pick? Fried Rice

Get your dose of Vitamin Sea from Ocean now >

Ocean’s Desi Grilled Chicken


Sanjay’s Swiggy secret!

The funny man definitely has some tricks up his sleeve, one of which he revealed to us.

TS: How has Swiggy come to your rescue?

SM: When it rains, Swiggy has truly been a saviour. I have a way to ensure I get my food on time, even during monsoon. *evil grin*


TS: Really? Tell us more!

SM: Alright, here goes. So during the monsoon season, I’m generally on the lookout for clouds. When it looks like it’s going to rain in some time, I stock up by ordering in immediately. The best part? The food gets delivered before it starts raining. (plus, no soggy pizza boxes :D) Eating biryani during rain is a guilty pleasure!


“I want to swipe right on my favourite food!”

TS: How would you describe your love for Swiggy?

SM: Swiggy’s totally awesome because not only is it a hunger saviour but also a relationship saviour! Jokes apart, ordering in is a need for someone like me who usually works from home most of the time. It’s saved me a lot of time to focus on comedy while still being fed.

And also, Team Swiggy, can I swipe right on biryani, please?


Like Sanjay, if biryani is bae and you’re in a committed relationship with food, Swiggy’s your relationship saviour! Order in from all the best restaurants near you and experience the lightning-fast delivery that’s changing the way India eats, right now. Download the app here & happy Swiggying! 🙂

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