Shhh! It’s Time to Talk About Sushi: The Best Sushi Outlets in Chennai


When you think of Chennai’s food scene, we wouldn’t be surprised if you thought of its humble beginnings of authentic south Indian food like masala dosas, idlis, and vadas. However, times  are changing; we live in a time where you can find authentic Japanese cuisine in Chennai! If your first reaction is “…why?”, just take some time to think about it. When Chennai has a constant supply of fresh fish and other ingredients, why NOT? So without further ado, here’s our list for the best Sushi you can order in this city.


1. A2 – The Park, Nungambakkam

Image Credit: A2 – The Park

Previously known as Aqua, this place is known for its varieties of sushi. The A2 Special includes 10 Nigiri sushi rolls, each with a different type of fish, such as Salmon, Tuna, Yellow Tail, Red Snapper, and Prawns. If the common Maki is more your style, you have vegetarian options such as Nasumaki, which consists of avocado, cucumber, cream cheese, and eggplants, or you could go for seafood options such as the Maki Shake Crispy, which is made of spicy aioli, salmon, and tanuki udon noodles.

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2) Sushi In A Box, Alwarpet

At Sushi In A Box, there are so many different kinds of Japanese foods that you’ll need to look up what each one actually is! We recommend their Maki, such as the Alaskan Salmon Rolls, or even the Yasai Tempura Roll, which sounds absolutely delectable with its mixed fried vegetables topped with teriyaki sauce, pineapple sauce and mayonnaise.

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3) Jonah’s Bistro, Valachery

Image Credit: EatWithEyes

Can’t decide whether you’re craving European food or Asian? Don’t worry, Jonah’s Bistro serves both! However, we recommend their Maki rolls, they ARE a part of the special menu after all.  The menu is the most affordable here and we’d recommend the Combo Maki A for vegetarians, which consist of 4 avocado maki rolls and 4 kyuri maki rolls (sliced cucumber wrapped in nori seaweed). We also love their Tropicano Veg Roll, made up of assorted veggies and topped with fresh mango and mango sauce. For non-vegetarians, get the Makimono Moriawase, an assorted maki platter with different seafood options such as salmon, prawn, and tuna, among others. Another unusual roll is the chicken run roll, consisting of fried chicken and assorted veggies, and topped with chicken strips.

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While Japanese food used to be an extremely niche cuisine, especially among the expatriate community, it’s slowly growing in popularity throughout Chennai. That being said, sushi is definitely one of those foods you’ve got to try before you die. Now that we’ve… “wrapped up” (#SorryNotSorry) our list, have you always wanted sushi but didn’t want to go outside into the unforgiving Chennai heat? Don’t worry, Just log onto your Swiggy app and get these unique rolls delivered right to the comforts of your own home or office!

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