Here Are 6 Of Bengaluru’s Most Relished Street Foods That You Can Order In Right Away!


Bengaluru is a melting pot of all Indian cultures, and nowhere else is it as obvious as with its variety of street food. That’s right – all the best street food from around India has a place in Bengaluru’s street food culture! Take a look at what Bangaloreans in India’s Silicon Valley love to munch on.

1. Momos

Anyone up for Mushroom Onion Momos from Momo Jojo? ^_^

Delhi & Kolkata aren’t the only ones craving for momos! There’s a momo for every Bangalorean – be it delicious veggie ones from Momo Jojo in JP Nagar, the classic type from Bamey’s Restro Cafe or the quirky Tandoor’d Momos from O My Hunger in Koramangala. Just Swiggy it!


2. Idli, Vada & Dosa

Davangere Benne Dosa is exactly how we like ours – with heaps of butter on top!

The three South Indian musketeers, Idli, Vada & Dosa, are perfect eats to have anytime, anywhere! For melt-in-your-mouth Idlis paired with crispy Vadas, try the iconic Veena Stores in Malleshwaram or Vidyarthi Bhavan in Basavanagudi. And if you haven’t tried Davangere Benne Dose in Vijayanagar, bump it up to the top of your eat-list!


3. Kebabs

Haaave you met the famous melt-in-your-mouth Galouti Kebab from Tunday Kababi?

Stories of people thronging Johnson Market & Shivajinagar for droolworthy grilled kebabs & phaal (a Bangalorean meat specialty) are well-known. If you’d like yourself a bite of this juicy action, Fanoos in Johnson Market is one of Bengaluru’s iconic places to try. We also love Galouti Kebab from Lucknow’s Tunday Kababi & Chicken Afghani from the new-on-the-block Tayabbs Rolls & Grills located in Indiranagar!


4. Sandwiches

Sandwich is okay but have you tried this chocolate version from Hari Super Sandwich?!

Want a quick sandwich to fix those mid-meal hunger pangs?! We’ve got you covered. Jayanagar’s Hari Super Sandwich is a top pick for veggie sandwiches & munchies amongst all ages! If you’d like a more meaty option, order in a Club Sandwich from Truffles in Varthur or a B.E.L.T. from The Hole In The Wall in Koramangala.  


5. Rolls & Shawarmas

Malgoum Shawarma from Just Shawarma looks really tempting, doesn’t it?!

Experts at rolling with the punches, Bangaloreans can make do with a roll or shawarma whenever they’re hungry! Which is why Khan Saheb Grills & Rolls has uncovered a huge fan-base in namma ooru. We also know that Bengaluru loves shawarma, so don’t miss out Byblos in Indiranagar & Just Shawarma in Electronic City for a good one (check out nearest outlet on Swiggy).


6. Chaat

Papdi Chaat from Anand Sweets is the perfect pick-me-up: tasty, crispy and lip-smacking!

For most of us, chaat = street food! If you’re one of those, then here are our picks: try the delicious Papdi Chaat from Anand Sweets in JP Nagar, Masala Chaap (yes, the Delhi style!) from Baba Chatkora in Basavangudi and indulge your sweet tooth with Ghevar from Koramangala’s Falahaar & Kota Kachori.


Want to know what’s cookin’ in the ‘hood? Just fire up the Swiggy app to check out all the tasty tidbits that you can order in and eat up in no time! Download the app here and order away. 🙂

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