Sundeep Rao, Funny Man & Host Of Radio Indigo’s ‘Drive’, Loves Eating From These 5 Restaurants In Bengaluru


“I don’t belong to the typical ‘foodie’ crowd”, says Sundeep Rao, one of Bengaluru’s earliest stand-up comedian on the scene. Apart from tickling our funny bones, Sundeep also hosts “The Drive” on Indigo 91.9 for weary Bangaloreans stuck in the city’s never-ending traffic.

Sundeep calls himself “India’s Funniest Partially Blind Stand-Up Comic”, and we totally agree! His musings, whether it’s about ‘NRIs, Trump and Startups’ or Indian women, all leave us in splits. Since we love his work, we caught up with the funny man about food and life.

Funny, yes. Foodie, nope.

Team Swiggy (TS): Food and you: what’s the relationship like?

Sundeep Rao (SR): “I’m not a foodie per se, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy good food! If food’s tasty and made with a lot of care, I love it. Precisely why home-cooked food is the one I enjoy the most.”

Sundeep is a huge fan of Sunny’s, a top pick for many Bangaloreans with Continental food cravings | Source: Femina

TS: Are you saying you’re not a big fan of eating out or ordering in?

SR: “I’d be lying if I said I don’t enjoy eating from restaurants – I mean, in our times, eating out and ordering in is a necessity given the variety of cuisines and restaurants available to us. But I’m definitely not one to experiment.”

TS: Given your love for food made with TLC, what are the restaurants that you love to eat from?

SR: “I try to eat healthy, so most of the food I prefer is wholesome, not indulgent. On days when I can’t get my much preferred home-cooked food, I turn to these restaurants.”

Sundeep’s pick #1: Kebab Korner, Central Bangalore

“I absolutely love their rolls, especially their Chicken Kebab Rumali Roll – so soft! And don’t even get me started on how delicious their Chicken Curry Patta is.”

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Sundeep’s pick #2: Nandhini Deluxe, Banashankari

Source: BrewChew

It’s an urban legend that Rasam runs in each South Indian’s veins, and we totally agree! Sundeep divulged that the meals from Nandhini comes closest to his kind of home food.

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Sundeep’s pick #3: Corner House, Central Bangalore

When we asked him if he liked ice creams, he didn’t waste a second in mentioning Corner House, like any typical Bangalorean would. His favourite dessert? Pat came his reply, “Hot Chocolate Fudge with chocolate sauce & nuts!”

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Sundeep’s pick #4: Chung’s Chinese Corner, Kammanahalli

Dragon Chopsuey from Chung’s is another dish you will love!

Who doesn’t love some Chinese food? Sundeep totally enjoys a plate of tangy American Chopsuey or diced veggies in refreshing Parsley Sauce.

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Sundeep’s pick #5: Chakum Chukum, Koramangala

A must-try dish? Chicken Shammi Roll.

“I’m not experimental when it comes to food, but I took a chance when I ordered from Chakum Chukum. It was totally worth it!”

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Swiggy, the craving-squasher!

TS: What brings you to order in from Swiggy, even though you aren’t a foodie?

SR: “What I love about Swiggy is that it opens up so many avenues to satisfy your cravings. Just about whatever you need is at your fingertips, and the best part? It’s so easy for someone like me, with limited visual ability and the lack of time when I need to work.”, says Sundeep. “Of course, Swiggy needs to ensure more quality checks so that everyone can enjoy a wonderful ordering and eating experience!”

On working with other stand-up comics, he cheekily mentions, “I can’t collaborate with anyone, because nobody is as good as me!”. If you want to test this theory for yourself, check out Sundeep’s all-new shows in 2018, starting with Blurred Lines, an attempt at understanding human emotions with bodily functions.

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