6 Super Spicy South Indian Dishes That We Dare You To Try Right Now


If you like spicy food, it does not get better than South Indian dishes. The many ingredients used in these dishes harmoniously blend to give you aromatic scents, brilliant colours, and a palatable taste. You won’t just enjoy the richness in flavour, you will also benefit from their nutritional value.

Common ingredients in these dishes are mustard, pepper, chilies, and fenugreek seeds which are usually grown locally. When put together, they culminate in a unique taste unlike in any other cuisine. Each of the South Indian states is specialized in different types of dishes. You may find yourself tearing up after a bite, but the taste is worth all the pain.

If you haven’t already, here are six super spicy South Indian dishes that will have you licking your fingers.

1. Yennegai Palya

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Hearing about the preparation itself will have you fascinated enough to try it at least once in your life. This dish has coconut, spices, and onions stuffed into an eggplant. It is then cooked in oil until all the luscious flavors get absorbed. The gravy is made from common ingredients like fenugreek cumin, coriander, and sesame seeds, and has chilli powder and garlic too. In addition to this, peanuts, coconut, and tamarind are mixed and then made into a gravy. The best way to have this dish is with jowar roti (jolada rotti in Kannada) on the side.


2. Authentic Nadan Beef Curry

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With origins in Kerala, this is a dish that will have you hooked after a whiff of its delectable aroma. The main ingredient of the dish is beef that is cooked to perfection and sauteed with onions, shallots and tomatoes. The dish is made using coconut oil as a base which adds depth to the scrumptious dish. The flavor comes from the turmeric, pepper, fennel and most importantly chilli powder.

You can have this dish with the famous Kerala parottas or even with ghee rice.


3. Gongura Pickle

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This particular dish from Andhra has people going crazy all over the world. The spice comes from the leaves of the gongura plant (Kenaf). This plant is found in many of the southern states, but it is used to its fullest in most Andhra dishes. The pickle has a distinctive taste that makes it both spicy and tangy. It may have your eyes watering, but that won’t stop you from having more.

As rice is the staple food in south India, it is best to combine the gongura with a steaming pile of rice and a generous dose of ghee!


4. Vathai Kuzhambu

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This tasty dish is made using dried vegetables called sunda vathal and manathakkali vathal. You can also use lady’s fingers in the dish. The rich taste comes from the sambar powder, mustard, and fenugreek seeds. Onions are also added to enhance the taste. It gets even better when you have a papad to crunch on by the side.


5. Pulihora

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This dish has different versions from Andhra and Tamilnadu. While both are delicious, they are undoubtedly just as spicy. You can have a taste of both sweet and spice as the base ingredients are  tamarind and green chilies. It is first made into a paste and then mixed in rice bringing about a uniform rich taste. Both the main ingredients equally contribute to the flavor making it a unique dish that you just cannot miss.


6. Meen Muringakka Curry

Source: Prasad Pillai on Flickr

Another dish with its origins from Kerala is the killer fish curry. Sardines are cooked with drumsticks, tamarind, and of course, coconut. The dish is then tempered with red chilies and onions. This gives rise to a delicious dish that brings out the authentic Malayali flavours. One bite will transport you to Kerala and have you yearning for more.

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