Indulge In Sushi Love With The Best Deals At These 7 Restaurants In Bengaluru, Delhi & Mumbai


There’s something about Sushi: it’s a wonder how a simple dish can be so flavoursome. With fish or veggie slices wrapped around vinegared rice, sushi truly is an irresistible package!

If you want to give this humble yet mind-blowing dish a try, here are some places in Bengaluru, Delhi & Mumbai to get started with!

1. Sushiya – South Campus, Delhi NCR

Having a sushi night? Sushiya is a perfect choice! With their party boxes and packs fit to feed a village full of sushi lovers, you’ll be sorted for the night with just one order.

World Sushi Day offers from 16th to 18th June:

  1. You get 20% off on the entire menu
  2. You also get to try a Special Sushi Sampler Menu: Spicy Cucumber Maki (4pc) at Rs.99 and Chicken Katsu Roll (4pc) at Rs.175 

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2. Shizusan Shophouse & Bar – Lower Parel, Mumbai

Shizusan serves two types of sushi: Maki rolls, wrapped within nori or seaweed and Nigiri, with a slice of fish on top of sushi. If you’re favourable to these, give Shizusan a look-see!

World Sushi Day offer: 15% off on the entire menu on 17th & 18th June

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3. MISU – St. Marks Road, Bengaluru

Rarely, if ever, would you come across onigirazu, the versatile sushi-in-a-sandwich, in BLT version, that is bacon, lettuce & tamago (grilled egg). This unique dish from MISU, along with California Maki, is a must-try for sushi lovers.

World Sushi Day offer: 15% off on anything Sushi from 16th to 18th June

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4. Big Wong – Sohna Road, Gurgaon

Expect the unexpected at Big Wong, because for a Chinese eatery, their Sushi is quite the rage! We’re huge fans of the Seafood Platter with uramaki (rice on the outside, nori on the inside), hosomaki (cylindrical maki rolls) and nigiri sushi.

World Sushi Day offer: Yay! You get 15% off on all Sushi dishes from 16th to 18th June.

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5. The Fatty Bao – Linking Road, Mumbai

We all love crunchy munchies, and when it comes to tempura (batter fried) sushi, nothing beats The Fatty Bao’s rendition: Asparagus Tempura with Cream Cheese & Prawn Tempura Sushi Rolls.

World Sushi Day offer: 20% off on all Sushi dishes on 17th & 18th June. We’re lovin’ it!

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6. 1Q1 Kitchen & Bar – Queens Road, Bengaluru

Just looking at this beautiful Vegetarian California Roll served at 1Q1 has us drooling. Also, it would be totally cool to order in some Unagi Sushi while watching Friends, wouldn’t it? 😉

World Sushi Day offer: 20% off on all Sushi dishes from 16th to 18th June

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7. Nom Nom – Andheri West, Mumbai

Dear Mumbaikars, are you game for sashimi (bite-sized raw fish) served by Nom Nom? If sashimi isn’t your style, then go for the California Dream Roll sushi that’s everyone’s favourite here.

World Sushi Day offer: 20% off on all (yes, ALL) dishes on 17th & 18th June

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When you’re a sushi lover, one day isn’t enough to savour this little gift from Japan. Get on Swiggy and order in a plate of exquisite sushi from restaurants near you! It’s really easy, so download the app now and get going!

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