If You Try These 5 Tasty North Indian Curries Once In Your Lifetime, You’ll Be Sorted!


Indian food is notorious for having the most bizarre ingredients put together in various dishes. The best part about most Indian dishes is that they are rich in taste.. Some are so spicy that only the brave can dare to try, while others are so unique that you won’t believe the ingredients used.

While the whole of India can give you about a 1000 or more varieties, when it comes to curries North India has a lot more to offer. The lip-smacking curries will have you pleasantly surprised and yearning for more.

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There are the popular ones like paneer butter masala and butter chicken that everyone has invariably tried at least once in their life. Apart from these well known North Indian superstars, here are few deliriously yummy curries that you probably did not even know about.

1. Navratan Korma

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The reason why it’s named navratan korma is because a total of nine varieties of vegetables, fruits and nuts contribute to this creamy north Indian curry (Nav—Nine). Being superior in terms of nutrition, the ingredients provide a unique taste and texture.

Cauliflower, carrot, beans, paneer potato, cashew and pomegranate, are few of the elements that are commonly found in this dish. This curry is a filling and a healthy option to go for. This dish is not so hard to find and works well with both bread and rice.


2. Murgh Changezi

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Popularly found in the bylanes of Delhi, this dish is considered superior in taste while compared to its other chicken counterparts. This popular north Indian curry is a tad bit spicy and even has bone-in-chicken making it all the more authentic.

The effect of this dish is that you’ll be reminiscing its rich marinated, pan-roasted chicken and thick tomato puree decked with numerous spices even months after you have it.


3. Paneer Jalfrezi

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Originated during the British rule, this dish was considered as a part of the Indo-Chinese cuisine. The reason behind its deliciousness is because of the unique way in which it is prepared. Marinated pieces of paneer and vegetables are cooked with spices and generous amounts of oil to form a rich, thick gravy.

Different types of capsicum are used in this dish, and they add to the taste. The strong flavours in this dish will have you sweeping every bit of your plate.


4. Punjabi Egg Curry

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Filled with protein, this is one of the dishes that you cannot miss having in your life. It works well with paratha, rice varieties or even biryani.

Made famous by Punjab’s own dhabas, the dish is made in the traditional style with tomato, onion, ginger and garlic. Even, with egg as the main ingredient, the dish manages to remain unique in its taste. With its cousin kadai egg curry being popular throughout the country, you will not have trouble finding this dish in restaurants near you.  


5. Chicken Chaap

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There are a few dishes that you can’t stop having once you’ve tried it. Chicken Chaap has this effect on first-timers. This gorgeous looking curry was brought by the Nawabs of Bengal. The name describes a dish where the entire leg of the chicken is used for making of the curry. The concentrated flavours in this dish can accommodate rice or even roti to go with it.   

North Indian curries can make you hungry if you even think about them. And the best place to have these tasty dishes is at home! Sit back, relax and order in any of these curries right now by logging onto Swiggy – get the app here.

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