Thalis or Bae-ryanis? Here Are 5 of Our Favourite Andhra-Cuisine Restaurants in Hyderabad!


From widespread thalis to spicy curries to blazing biryanis, Andhra food really has made its mark here in India. In fact, here’s a huge influence of Andhra cuisine in cities like Bangalore, where you’ll find an Andhra mess or Hyderabadi-style biryani joint in every locality. However, this time we’re going to show you the best authentic Andhra-cuisine restaurants from where it all began: Hyderabad!

1. Rayalaseema Ruchulu, Ameerpet

One of the most famous restaurants in the vicinity, this place has been serving high-end authentic Andhra cuisine for years. You’ve got to try the Seema Kodi, which is made up of boneless fried chicken that’s marinated in spices. Spice is the order of the day here, as with most Andhra dishes; that being said, try the Mamsam Pulao. It’s a dish of shredded mutton and rice, and is served with a moderately spicy chutney. If that’s not enough for you, the Pachi Mirchi Guddu Iguru, which is a dish made of eggs and green chili paste, might just do the trick.

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2. Kritunga Restaurant, Ameerpet

This is for all the spice-lovers, as this place is known to make you want to grab the nearest glass of milk. Some of the best dishes here include the Garlic Fish Roast, as well as the Natukodi Biryani that has always received rave reviews. Team it up with some creamy Paneer Kofta to get a fine balance between the spices.

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3. Simply South, Gachibowli

While Simply South caters to a host of palettes with multiple south Indian cuisines, you’ll have to try their Andhra and Telangana specials. We’d recommend starting with the Kaalan Melagu Piratti, which is made of button mushrooms topped with onions and peppers. Next, go for the Moova Vankai, which is baby brinjal cooked in a traditional Andhra gravy with sesame seeds. For non-vegetarians, we’d suggest the Pitta Mamsam Vepudu, a unique dish of farm-bred quails cooked in a spicy gravy. Need something sweet to tone down those fired-up taste buds? Try the Elaneer Payasam, a delectable tender coconut and coconut milk-based dessert that’ll do just nicely to end your meal.

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4. Srikanya, Kondapur

Try Srikanya for their unique varieties of biryani, especially best-sellers like the Chicken Fry Piece Biryani (act fast, they usually run out quickly!) or even the bamboo chicken biryani. Here, the chicken is delicately steamed in a bamboo shoot, and the rice has a fantastic combination of pepper and green chillies in its flavour. Unlike with normal biryanis, this bamboo biryani is light and won’t make you feel like you’ve eaten the world. And that means you’ll have space for more food!

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5. Ulavacharu, Jubilee Hills

This restaurant is named after the humble horse gram-based ulavacharu soup from the Guntur and Krishna regions of Andhra Pradesh. This is THE place to order from to get your fix of authentic Andhra food, and that means it’s not for those who have a low spice tolerance. We recommend starting your meal with some spicy Mumsam Kheema Balls, made of minced mutton, or even the Corn Sheek Kebab, which is a vegetarian twist on a non-veg favourite. Next on your must-try list should be the Ulavacharu Kodi Pulao or even the Rajugari Shakahara Pulao, and team it up with the Peethala Iguru, a spicy crab curry. This should leave you satisfied for the next few days, to be honest.

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We can already see you salivating as you think of the biryani you’re going to order soon; those succulent pieces of meat paired with those flavourful grains of rice are just calling out to you right this moment. Don’t worry though, you’re already set! Just order through your Swiggy app and we’ll take care of the rest 🙂

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