The Hall Of Foodies: Which One Are You?



What’s the difference between a party and a jungle? Nothing, except you’ll see a variety of foodies at a party. Love them or hate them, everyone is guilty of being a certain type of foodie at one point or another.

Observe this unique wildlife at your next party. Our tip: Keep your binoculars handy to spot these foodies in their natural habitat.


1) The Starter-Only Eater

For these starter eaters, main course is just too mainstream. They know the exact number of pieces that come with the starter, so don’t dare to steal a piece of their Baby Corn Manchurian or Chilly Chicken – they’ll find you.

How to spot them: You’ll find them in the corner defending their starters with forks.



2) The Biryani Nawab

They are a walking, breathing encyclopedia of Biryani – they know where to get the best Biryanis in your neighborhood, city, and state, and they also know all the different types of Biryanis that you can order. Questioning their Biryani knowledge is a cardinal sin, and you may be banished from their circles.

How to spot them: Debating with everyone about why Biryani is the best food mankind ever made or which restaurant makes the best Boneless Chicken Biryani.



3) The “Anything Goes” Eater

This person can eat ANYTHING! They believe that everything has been put in a dish for a reason, and savors the flavors of everything from curry leaves to onions to the point where you wonder if you’ve been missing out on something.

How to spot them: They lick their plates clean – you won’t find a trace of the food that they ate.



4) The Fussy Eater

The opposite of the anything-goes eater, they observe their food like a creepy stalker – looking for things in their food to remove, eating every bite slowly, carefully, and thoughtfully.

How to spot them: Their plate is systematically divided into sections – the food in these sections should not touch each other, and one of the sections is for anything that they do not want to eat.



5) The Veggie

The Veggie belongs to a well-knit community of vegetarians who bask in the glory of eating only non-living items – their Bacon equivalent is Paneer, and they truly believe that Vegetarian Biryani is a thing!

How to spot them: Name-calling non-vegetarians as “Bird Eaters”, they always look for Paneer-anything to order.



6) The Hot N’ Spicy Fan

If they had a house motto, it would go along the lines of “Order the spiciest dish!”. They wear their love for spicy food proudly, and flaunt it more than their brand-new pair of designer shoes.

How to spot them: Eating chilies from the salad a la Salman Khan & mocking the ones who break a sweat when they eat Andhra-style biryani.



7) The WTF Abstainers

Forget planning a meal in advance with the WTF abstainers, because they may be hardcore non-vegetarians on Thursday, but will join the Veggie community on Friday, just because.

How to spot them: Generally explaining to people why they ate that bacon burger earlier that week, but cannot eat one today.



8) The Foodgrammer

Who says “Wait, wait, wait!”, followed by “The lighting is bad here”?

The Foodgrammer doesn’t care if you haven’t eaten a meal in days – they need to get that perfect picture of that Red Velvet Cheesecake from all angles possible. They will not sleep peacefully until they’ve Instagrammed that picture with #foodporn.

How to spot them: Carrying the fanciest phone, and channels hangry-ness into art by taking photos of the food.



9) The Eternally Hungry One

You sometimes wonder if their first words were “I’m hungry!”. They love eating all the time, and would choose to go mum all their life, if only they had something to munch on!

How to spot them: They can order food with their eyes closed, and know the best and the worst things on every menu – don’t worry, you can trust them.



10) The Sweet Tooth

They shoot words like soufflé and baklava to baffle you – their knowledge and love for desserts knows no bounds. Somehow, there’s no sweet tooth in the world that does not love cupcakes – it’s a comfort food, and they’re always up for it!

How to spot them: Their main course is meager, but look out for their out-of-the-world, exquisite dessert with a complicated name that they’ll tell you all about.


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