Here Are The Top 10 Milkshakes In Mumbai That You Must Absolutely Try!


No matter what the season, you can never say no to a good milkshake. That’s why we’ve got this list of delicious milkshakes in Mumbai that you must order right away!

1. Bachelorr’s, Fort Colaba

No milkshake list is complete without mentioning the much-loved Bachelorr’s. Once you try this, you’ll be hooked for good!

Bestselling milkshake?

Classic Chocolate Shake

Order from Bachelorr’s now >


2. The J, Bandra West

While the fries at The J are a hit, the shakes, well, you can’t miss it!

Bestselling milkshake

Oreo Milkshake

Order from The J now >

Another milkshake to try at The J? Red Velvet Shake.


3. The Belgian Waffle Co., Mulund

If you thought The Belgian Waffle Co. could only satisfy your waffle cravings, let them prove you wrong with their fabulous shakes!

Bestselling milkshake

Oreo Shake

Order from The Belgian Waffle Co. now >

You can also try the Chocolate Shake at The Belgian Waffle Co.!


4. Rainbow Juice Centre, Powai

Healthy juices? Count us in! But wait, have you tried Rainbow Juice Centre‘s wholesome milkshakes yet? (Because they’re just as good!)

Bestselling milkshake

Mango Milkshake

Order from Rainbow Juice Centre now >

This Mango Cream Milkshake at Rainbow Juice Centre tastes as amazing as it looks!


5. Shakey Wakey, Bandra West

Thick shake lovers, unite. Shakey Wakey will give you the shake you need for the days when you don’t feel like grabbing a bite!

Bestselling milkshake

Oreo Shake

Order from Shakey Wakey now >


6. Sweetish House Mafia, Lower Parel

One thing’s for sure – Sweetish House Mafia are no rookies at making sinful shakes & delicious cookies!

Bestselling milkshake

Nutella Milkshake

Order from Sweetish House Mafia now >

You know what else is good at Sweetish House Mafia? Their Peanutella Milkshake! 


7. Coffee By Di Bella, Malabar Hill

Exquisite waffles. Heavenly coffee. And the cherry on top is the collection of creamy milkshakes at Coffee By Di Bella. YUM.

Bestselling milkshake

Ferrero Rocher Milkshake

Order from Coffee By Di Bella now >

Image: Vogue India


8. Pishu’s, Malad West

If you’re looking for the perfect snack, get your hands on the wholesome sandwiches and sensational shakes that Pishu’s has to offer!

Bestselling milkshake

Walnut Brownie Shake

Order from Pishu’s now >


9. Makers Of Milkshakes, Bandra West

Shakes for one, shakes for all, shakes for all reasons & seasons – no matter what you need, Makers Of Milkshakes have got you covered 😉

Bestselling milkshake

Chocolate Brownie Shake

Order from Makers Of Milkshakes now >


10. The VJ Cafe, Vile Parle

If their delicious fries weren’t reason enough for us to order from The VJ Cafe, look how delicious their shakes are!

Bestselling milkshake

Red Velvet Milkshake

Order from The VJ Cafe now >

Did we get you drooling for some shakes? All you need to do now is hop on over to Swiggy and order in your favourites. Get the app for your iOS/Android phone & Swiggy away!

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