Top 5 Pan Asian Places To Savour in Chennai


From hot momos served in a dainty hole-in-the-wall Tibetan cafe to exquisitely crafted sushi rolls served in a Japanese restaurant, we are bringing to you the best of Pan-Asian places that you simply must check out if you’re in Chennai.

1. Sushi In A Box

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Naruto fans will rejoice at Sushi In A Box. With their traditional Japanese style seating and manga decor, Sushi In A Box is a delightful Japanese affair. Some of the must try dishes are their Salmon Avocado Temaki, which is a delicately assembled sushi roll flavoured with cooked salmon and chopped avocados – all topped over with aromatic Japanese sauces! The next item on the list is the Spicy Ramen with Seafood. Fret not veggie lovers, there’s an option for you too. The aromas wafting from the ramen are sure to get your hunger worked up!

2. Flower Drum

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The word on the streets of Chennai is that Flower Drum is a treasure trove of food. What one should try is the Shiu Mai which is nothing but a fluffy dimsum filled with veggies and served over a delicious shiu mai sauce. The choice of meats are beef and chicken while there are some crunchy vegetables available for a veggie lover. A word of caution, their in house chilli sauce is very addictive!

3. Mamagoto

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What’s Asian food without the drama of flavours? Mamagoto serves up the right dose with their famous Veg Massaman curry and Java grilled tofu. For meat lovers, there’s always the shrimp with dry red chilli. For good added measure, we also recommend their delicious Yangchow Champions Fried Rice which is basically a mix of all things meaty in flavourful rice.

4. Absolute Thai

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If your food dreams are made of all things Thai, stop over at Absolute Thai for a feast that will make your dreams come true. Their Phat Bhami or stir fried garlic noodles is an absolute winner for veggie lovers, while meat lovers can consider Pla Tod Dat Diew or deep fried fish served with a scrumptious mango salad. You can thank us later.

5. Orange Wok

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The first thing that strikes out is the huge Bruce Lee mural, it’s almost as if he’s inviting you over for a power packed meal session at Orange Wok. For veggie lovers there’s the slurpy Wonton Mee soup, a simple yet hearty dumpling soup packed with veggies. There’s also the potato & corn tsing hoi style (traditional Chinese hot sauce). Meat lovers can fuss over the braised fish with chilli parsley and the the shredded lamb in szechwan oil.

That concludes our list of top Asian places to dine at. Next time if it’s variety you seek but your timing isn’t luxurious, remember to Swiggy your way through these Asian restaurants and we’ll be happy to serve you!

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