Weekend vs Weekday Bingeing: Which Side Are You On?



Let’s face it, our love affair with food isn’t ending anytime soon.


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It’s tough—you want to fit into your nicest pants, but you also also want to try out the entire Pizza Hut menu. We are the millennial binge-ers, and we’re not ashamed. (our mums would say ‘shameless,’ but that’s a discussion for another day and another Swiggy blog post.

Did you know that we’re not all the same, though? Even among lovers of the great binge, there are apparently two camps we all fall into. These are ‘weekend bingers’ and ‘weekday bingers,’ and each camp comes with its own quirks.

Weekend Bingeing—Not Just TV Shows

The natural habitat of the weekend binger can be identified by messy blankets, empty cups of instant noodles, and a computer screen playing entire seasons of Game Of Thrones. *David Attenborough-style* This peculiar creature refuses to get out of bed, instead taking up an almost-comatose state, glued to their laptop and shoving whatever is edible (and/or nearby) into their mouths.


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Weekend bingers are serious about their food.

They will not leave their bedroom for anything other than the voice of their mother saying, “lunch is ready!”, at which point, it’s a mad dash to the dining table just to make sure that they get dibs on the chicken legs. You do not want to get between a weekend binger and their plate—it just might be the last thing you ever do.

For these bingers, the weekend is a time to ensure they refill all the calories they lost during the weekday, with nasty deadlines and projects draining the life out of them.

Weekday Bingeing—The Office Zombies

Weekday bingers have it tough.

Finding time to finish their daily work and finding time to devote to food isn’t easy. So, to you weekday bingers out there we salute you.


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Whether it’s lunch hour or 9 at night, the first stop of weekday bingers is to find a place that serves lots of food. Usually, to save time, they order in. It makes sense, if you think about it. Instead of wasting time running around looking for a fix, they choose the efficient route and have the food come to them.

Ah, the luxuries of the Internet.


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When it’s late at night, weekday bingers usually follow the same routine as their weekend brethren. Before falling into their nightly beauty sleep mode, they eat as much as possible to prepare for another tiring day of work.

So, Who Loves Food More?

If I had to pick a side between weekend and weekday bingers, I can honestly tell you this—I honestly can’t. The fact of the matter is, both are equally invested in their undying love for food. When they choose to get their fix doesn’t matter. #nodiscrimination, and all that.


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On one hand, you have the weekend bingers devoting two entire days to keeping their waistlines growing. On the other, you have the dedicated weekday bingers ensuring that no free moment is wasted on anything else but food. If that’s not dedication from both sides, I don’t know what is.

Whether you’re a weekday or weekend binger, Swiggy has you covered. Whether you’re looking for marathon sessions or a midnight snack, there’s always something you can choose from our app to satisfy those hunger pangs. Download it from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store now.


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