What’s For Breakfast, Bengaluru?: 6 Awesome Places To Begin Your Day With!


It’s a pleasant Bangalore morning, your appetite is rising and all you crave is a comforting breakfast. A little spicy and steamy, something sweet and creamy – to satisfy your senses is the only cure. So come take a look at some of these amazing breakfast spots in Bangalore to order your breakfast from!


1. Sree Krishna Cafe, Koramangala

If Tamil cuisine floats your boat, Sree Krishna Cafe. Their moony appams eclipse your senses, light and bouncy with that lively curry and homely coconut milk. The classic idly-vada and a range of delectable are just the thing for the first meal of the day!

Order here from Sree Krishna Kafe!


2. Madurai Idly Shop, Indiranagar

For a niche Tamil experience, try the Madurai Idly Shop. They prepare this piquant pongal with a perfect balance of the simplest ingredients that leave you with a daily craving. The legend of their fiery fried podi idly has been spreading around town like wildfire – be sure to give that shot!

Order here from Madurai Idly Shop!


3.  Kota Kachori, Koramangala

If you wish to explore further north, consider Kota Kachori. The kadak aloo pyaaz kachori topped with a sweet, tangy and spicy chutney is a muncher’s delight. Their juicy jalebis will seal the deal at the end of your meal. You could also check out their sabhudana khichdi, which is the perfect crossover between a chaat like crunch and a soft yet satisfying meal.

Order here from Kota Kachori!


4.  Bun Maska, Indiranagar

For a little more exploration into desi breakfast foods, we suggest Bun Maska. This oh-so-cozy poha comes with just the right amount of crisps and a dash of lime for a true upliftment. Combine that with some smooth bun maska and perfectly brewed chai on the side – for a complete experience!

Order here from Bun Maska!


5. Brekkie Shop, Indiranagar

If you’re looking for something healthy, The Brekkie Shop will be great. This cute jar of Brekkie’s perfectly creamy parfait is kept healthy with beautifully blended yoghurt over freshly cut fruit. Their nourishing avocado sandwich packs fresh ripe avocados and brioche – which can be wed to their oh-so-healthy shakes.

Order here from Brekkie Shop!


6. Lazy Suzy, Indiranagar

If you wish to dive deeper into continental cuisine, try this eternally beautiful eggs benedict from Lazy Suzy. With a delicately poached egg and creamy hollandaise sauce on top of a muffin bread and some juicy ham slices, the eggs benedict satiates every kind of breakfast need. Their artisanal sandwiches and pancakes will leave you spoilt for choice.

Order here from Lazy Suzy!

Want to check out a full-fledged video on these awesome places? Here it is!

So grab your phone, ignore your notifications, tap the Swiggy icon and look for a hunger saviour!

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