Winter is Coming, and so is Nolen Gur!


West Bengal is a land of many things. It is a sophisticated hotspot for culture, food, and religion. Bengalis have always excelled in romanticising prime things in life. Be it literature or films or festivals or food delicacies, they have made their mark. Bongs not only gloat over Rabindranath Tagore, Satyajit Ray, and Howrah Bridge, they also take immense pride over their variety of mouth-watering mishti or sweets (let’s give them, a standing ovation for winning the battle over rasgullas). While words like mysterious and “mouthful” are used to describe Bengali food cuisine, let’s take a look at what Bengal has to offer to the world of sweetmeats made from jaggery.


Jaggery Sweets

While Bengali sweets can be delectable and very sweet, they are also healthy. And by healthy, we mean jaggery sweets that are available only during the winter.

A long time ago (it really doesn’t matter, as exactly when) West Bengal, known as Gour Banga had extensive production of molasses (also, jaggery) in the region. Hence, jaggery also known as gur in Bengali influences their sweets more than anything else. 

Nolen gur is a winter delicacy that changes the taste of anything, it’s added to. Extracted from date palms, this is something that will truly satiate your sweet tooth. If you thought that white sandesh and rasgullas were delicious, wait till you taste nolen gur sandesh and rasgullas.

Nolen Gur is used in many combinations to make different kinds of yummy sweets. Let’s take a look at a few of them:


Nolen Gur Sandesh

The world famous sandesh, when prepared with Bengal’s exclusive jaggery, becomes Nolen Gur Sandesh. Simple, yet heavenly, this sweet sends you to Nirvana once the slippery liquid gur hits your tongue.

P.S. Not all kinds of sandesh has the liquid gur inside but these are the best.


Nolen Gur Payesh

Boil rice in milk and add rich gur to it and voila! you’ve mastered Nolen Gur Payesh. What birthday cake is to you, payesh is for Bengalis and if you’re one and you have your birthday in winter, boy, you’re lucky!


Pati Shapta

This stuffed pancake role is usually made at home but you get it elsewhere as well. This rolled offers the goodness of coconut and jaggery inside a pancake made of corn flour and milk. As you take a bit of this delicious roll, you’ll experience the crunch of coconut along with thick rush of sweetness from the jaggery.



Do not mistake this sweet by its humble appearance. Chandrapuli, earlier known as white cake, is only for the mighty people with an extremely sweet tooth. This sweet is sweetest than any other Bengali sweets. Made with the goodness and the richness of cottage cheese, milk, khoya, jaggery and coconut, Chandrapuli makes the ultimate dessert.

These are only some of the sweets made with nolen gur and it’s not restricted to boundaries of West Bengal. Nolen gur sweets are available in most sweet shops and you can order them from the comforts of your home through Swiggy. Order today and add some sweetness to your life.


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