Indulge In A Chocolate Date With These 8 Swiggy Signature Desserts In Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai & Hyderabad


Since chocolate is such an integral part of our celebrations, it’s important to celebrate its existence too, isn’t it?

That’s why, this World Chocolate Day, we’re giving you a reason to celebrate. All through 7th to 14th July, you can order chocolate desserts (you’ll find them only on Swiggy!) from select restaurants in Bengaluru, Delhi, Hyderabad & Mumbai. Come, sneak a peek into the Swiggy Signature menu for the week!

What’s in Bengaluru?

1. The Thickshake Factory’s Swiggy Shake

If you’re Swiggying a shake, why not get the Swiggy Shake? This blend of blueberries & chocolate will make you very berry happy, that’s for sure!

Priced at Rs.204 on Swiggy POP

Order from The Thickshake Factory now >


2. XO Belgian Waffle’s Nutty XOcolate

This divine choco waffle lathered with Nutella & salted cream cheese spread and topped off with nuts & brownie crumble is the stuff dreams are made of. *drools*

Priced at Rs.175 on Swiggy POP

Order from XO Belgian Waffle now >


What’s in Delhi NCR?

1. Cocoberry’s Love Coco Frozen Dessert

We have the perfect cheat-day fix for you. Love Coco Frozen Dessert brings together the best of both worlds – fro-yo & chocolate. Honestly, we love it!

Available in small, regular, medium and large sizes

Prices start at Rs.104 on Swiggy POP

Order from Cocoberry now >


2. Decadenz’s Limited Edition Classic Dark Chocolate Fudge Jar

Making everyone’s classic favourite even better is Delhi’s very own Decadenz. Get this exquisite dark Belgian chocolate fudge jar-for-one and dig in!

Priced at Rs.209 on Swiggy POP

Order from Decadenz now >


What’s in Hyderabad?

1. Karachi Bakery’s Mud Chocolate Jar

Dive into the depths of indulgence with this chocolate sponge cake-in-a-jar sprinkled with hazelnuts, Belgian choco chips & honey. We bet you’ll end up craving for more!

Priced at Rs.150 for a jar

Order from Karachi Bakery now >


2. The Thickshake Factory’s Spicy Chocolate Thickshake

This thickshake’s got sugar, spice & everything nice! Tell us, where else can you find cool chocolate ice cream and red hot chilli spice in one glass?!

Priced at Rs.149 on Swiggy POP

Order from The Thickshake Factory now >


What’s in Mumbai?

1. A Vanilla Bean’s Oreo Pie

Oh, such a dainty Oreo Pie this is! A Vanilla Bean’s cute chocolate confection is perfectly pretty to see and truly tasty to eat.

Priced at Rs.320 on Swiggy POP

Order from A Vanilla Bean now >


2. Guilt Trip’s Chocolate Fantasy

Once in a while, you’ve got to give in. World Chocolate Day is a perfect excuse to treat yourself to this rich, yummilcious Chocolate Fantasy. Go forth & order!

Priced at Rs.100 on Swiggy POP

Order from Guilt Trip now >


Still looking for your chocolate fix? Check out the Swiggy Signature desserts in your city before they’re all gone. Get the app here and hunt for your dessert fix now!

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