6 Kolkata Restaurants For Rolls

Roll In The Good Times With These 6 Restaurants In Kolkata

Did you know that the iconic Kathi roll had its origins in the City of Joy, Kolkata? While the Kathi roll is now a delicacy enjoyed all over India, Kolkata itself has moved on to the many roll places that have sprung up across the city. Obviously, there are many to count, but we’ve picked […]

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Puchka Cravings

For many college kids who are drunk before evening, nothing brings sobriety much faster than a few plates of pani puri. Its never a bad time to get yourself pani puri. We saw this picture on our newsfeed and couldn’t help but get you craving! #sorrynotsorry #chaat #indianfoodisthebestfood #indian #panipuri #fuchka #kolkatadiaries #kolkatafoodie #sokolkata #indianbloggers #india […]

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