5 Totally Acceptable Reasons Why You Are Always Hungry!


It’s like Scooby Doo’s curse.

Just as the world’s favorite Great Dane has a questionable affinity for the good ol’ Scooby Snax, a lot of us seem to have a permanent case of the munchies. If you’re going “that’s me,” you’re probably no stranger to the #swiggylife. (If you are, come say hi.)


Back to the inexplicable, and seemingly uncontainable, bouts of hunger we were talking about. Where you become an unstoppable freight train headed to the nearest source of food. If you find yourself going on midnight Viking raids of your fridge, here’s a couple of reasons why this could be happening.

#1: Booze Can Cause Bingeing

That’s right. Whether it’s a nice evening out or an all-out bender, your drinking can actually drive you to the kitchen.


#2: The Lack Of Sleep

Between long office hours, 9gag, Facebook, and binge-watching episodes of 30 Rock, you hardly have time to sleep. The whole 8-hours-of-sleep thing is great on paper, but ain’t nobody got the time fo’ that!


When you sacrifice sleep just so you can catch up on episodes of your favorite TV series, you tend to create more of the ghrelin hormone we just talked about. Plus, your leptin production takes a hit — this is the hormone that gives you the sated feeling after a meal.

With lower leptin levels, your body thinks the buffet’s still on!

#3: Skipping Breakfast

“Hey, who hasn’t had breakfast today?”

If you screamed this question on the bus to work, you’d probably see a lot of armpit. That’s because most of us simply don’t.

It’s easy to see why. When your bedtime is 2 AM, you’re bound to wake up 8-ish. Seeing as most offices open at 9, your mad dash to get ready (read: looking and smelling presentable) is about all you have time for. Skipping breakfast is the only time-saver at your disposal, and you use it.


Ah. If only.

What this does to you: it slows down your metabolism, make you feel starved, and — worst of all — makes your body want to store the food you eat, instead of breaking it down for energy.

#4. Chewing Gum

Whoa, who knew?


When you chew gum, you produce saliva that gets into your stomach. When food doesn’t follow, your stomach goes “Dude, what the hell?!” Translated: you feel the munchies, and start eating to sate these artificial pangs of hunger.

#5: You’re Not Hungry. You’re Dehydrated.

More often than you’d think, you actually perceive thirst as hunger. This tends to happen a lot to you if you’re chronically dehydrated.


How you can tell if you’re dehydrated: you’re cranky, weak, and have low energy. Yeah, like when you get hungry. Thin line, this.

For all the times when you aren’t supposed to be hungry but are, these explanations should help. If they don’t… Well, there’s the Swiggy app to help you out.



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