6 Bachelor Food Eating Habits That Should Become Mainstream!


Living alone isn’t easy. Whether it’s the chores or the bills, staying away from home means having to have to fend for yourself. But one of the biggest conundrums that comes with the bachelor life is planning your meals. For those of you who aren’t too skilled in the kitchen and are tired of going to the local ‘Sagars,’  here are some of the most common eating habits and hacks that are bachelor recommended, tested and approved!

Pickles With Everything!

Whether it’s curd-rice, chapatis or glucose biscuits – pickles are something you will always want around the house.

More Means More!

Look for offers that are about quantity. Even if you cannot eat them all in one sitting, it means you have enough for another meal later during the day.

Look Up Those Coupons!

Planning to order food online? Do your homework on coupons and offers so your wallet won’t lose weight too quickly.

Noodles and Biscuits = Your New BFF

Anyone who lives alone is sure to eventually stock up on enough noodles and biscuits to last them through a zombie apocalypse. Why? There’s little to no cooking involved and with phenomenal taste!

Close To Home

When ordering food, order a meal that resembles a meal at home- be it rotis, dal or rice. Not only will you be less homesick, you’re body is likely to burn that meal faster!

Don’t Get Adventurous

Trying the hip new restaurant in town can wait. Keep a list of dependable hotels to order from affordably.

While some of these tips may not seem like much, they are crucial to the existence of many bachelors in the big city. So go ahead and try these hacks. Your tummy and wallet will thank you! You could also fire up the Swiggy app and look to order your favorites.

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