8 Reasons we cannot wait to be in the ‘City of Joy’

Between taking a Yellow Ambassador to Victoria Memorial and then taking a run on the tram, or cruising past the Howrah Bridge or riding a rickshaw, lies one of our favourite cities in the country. A vibrant city. An old city. A city that’s been around for the longest time and somehow hasn’t lost any of the tons and tons and tons of charm it has always had. A city with its manic love for maash bath and rasgulla, with traffic guided by the coppers dressed in spotless whites and a working class that takes their chai-sutta breaks very, very seriously. A city that sees an annual congregation of thousands of women dressed in uniform to show the rest of the country how the Durga Puja is done right. What leaves us so smitten? Here are just a few things:

1) Ambassadors – It was all yellow


2) Trams – Even cooler than LA
3) The Howrah Bridge – Oldest Heavy Metal in the country
4)Victoria Memorial – Pure Grandeur

Nature Photography

5) Durga Puja – A Divine Congregation
6) Fish – The delicious staple
7) Cops – Spotless Uniformity
8) Rasgulla – There’s nothing sweeter
There’s very little about this city that isn’t lovable. To be completely honest with both ourselves and with you, we’ve been waiting for the longest time to show up here. It seems like that time is right around the corner for us. At the blink of an eyelid, Swiggy will be in the rightly named ‘City of Joy’ in no time at all, helping it further live up to the name. Until then, follow us closely…
Image Credits: Nicolas MirguetPaul HamiltonArindam Mitra and Matthias Rosenkranz via Creative Commons on Flickr

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