8 Reasons Why You Should Stay Indoors On Valentine’s Day

Your mailbox is full of love-day-deals. The gift shops are stocking up on all shapes and sizes of hearts and plush toys. Dating apps are seeing a sudden spike in download rates. Fancy places are being booked, reservations are being made and couples are pulling out all the stops to make this Sunday, the 14th of February special, enjoyable and memorable. In this commotion, it’s easy to miss out on the most important detail: the other person. Often the focus shifts from the person to what you want to do with your human. Along those lines, there might not be a love greater than staying in on Valentine’s Day, dedicating your time solely to the cause.

If, from reading the title, we’ll understand if you’ve already branded us as anti-establishmentarian, and that’s okay. However, take a minute to hear us out: we promise it’ll make you think twice if you stick through to the very end.

Ready for a lesson from a veteran introvert? Here goes:

Staying in is cosy

Name a restaurant that you find cosier than your date’s beanbag, or your own. We dare you. We double dare you, ***********! All the frills aside, there hardly is a place more comfortable than one’s own living room. (or bedroom)

Staying in is comfortable

What’s easier to wear and feel comfortable in? Your wrap around skirt and heels or your trusty pair of Spongebob Squarepants pyjamas? When you’re at home on Valentine’s Day, you don’t have to worry about what to wear, nor do you have to keep excusing yourself to visit the restroom to make sure everything’s in its proper place.

Staying in is private

Restaurants provide plenty of distractions, often taking your mind away from your partner. We’re partly to blame, but who wouldn’t listen to the neighbouring table’s discussion on adultery, politics and scandal?
Staying in is full of opportunities

Carefully weigh the odds: If you’re on a first date in your house as opposed to a restaurant, where do you suppose it’ll be easier to get lucky? As described earlier, homes are cosy, comfortable and private, helping you unwind and lower inhibitions.

Staying in is less stressful

Figuring out transport, timing the traffic, bribing the bouncer: these are some actions that are needed to be completed in order to spend an evening out on a date. Besides, who wants to deal with the awkwardness of a stagnant car ride on a first date? Staying in means less stress, more conversation and undivided attention on each other.

Staying in is special

You might have cried “Hey that’s not true!” on reading this, but hear us out. A restaurant comes preloaded with ambiance and service. Going through the effort to set up a romantic atmosphere in one’s living room takes way more effort and thus, earns the more brownie points. Indoor romantic settings are special because they are tailored for the occasion.

Staying in is freedom

Some of you reading this may have an idea for a date that might be deemed too ‘unconventional’ by normal standards. So what do you do? You certainly can’t ask a restaurant to set up an evening just for your peculiar request. Homes provide room for all the strangeness that you and your partner may (or may not) enjoy.

Staying is in unconventional

Lastly, it boils down to this. While the whole world is chasing deals that offer the perfect romantic evening and are reaching far and wide to make the day special, many forget that they can create magic right in their living rooms. Music, candles, love and great food are the ingredients to a special Valentine’s Day. As an additional plus, there’s no time-constraint on the date or a curfew as lunch can stretch into the evening, as the evening can extend to dinner and drinks and a long night of little or no sleep – just the way romance should be: uninhibited, unrestricted and in complete privacy. And thus, to exemplify the bonds we share with our respective special someones, there is no greater love than spending Valentine’s Day solely on each other.

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