From Bombay to Pune for the Weekender!

Road trips – yay or nay?

Before you answer, let’s have a look at what’s in store. Your buckets are at the ready, bags are all packed, and you’re hungry to get started – say no more. Driving down for the Bacardi NH7 Weekender from Mumbai to Pune, is a pleasant 3 hour (roughly) ride. We’ve round up a bunch of places for you to choose from for the journey, so put your playlist on and let Nucleya do the rest!

Begin Right
The best way to begin the day – and any trip, is with breakfast. Since your friends and you are kick-starting the journey from Chembur, the first stop should undoubtedly be Madras Café. Nothing sets the mood of the day right like some steamy Idlis and a crisp Mysore Masala Dosa.

Madras Cafe - tripadvisordotin
Hunger Pangs
Say what you want – there’s nothing quite as fulfilling as Vada Pao. Shree Datta Snacks Corner at Panvel rounds up the best Vada & Missal Pao – or Kande Pohe if you skipped breakfast.

Shree Datta Snacks - amusrecipesdotblogspotdotcom
Cheesey Goodness
Kharghar isn’t just experiencing a real estate boom, it’s also undergoing a foodie-specific transition. Café Monza at Kharghar serves the most satisfying Cheese Garlic Bread and a killer Penne Arabiatta across the district.

Cafe Monza - Facebook
The Ultimate Pit Stop
A good enough reason to not take the Expressway is Sunny Da Dhaba. Surrounded by open fields and, as your main course arrives, the best Butter Chicken in the state, Sunny’s is a great place for large groups who love food and prolonged lunch hours.

Sunny - hotelsinlonavlakhandaladotcom
Round The Corner
Here’s another bunch of reasons to skip the Expressway. Kinara Dhaba is situated on the Old Highway, and despite its village-like ambience, serves up some great Chinese food. Try their Chicken Hakka Noodles if you don’t believe us!

Kinara Dhaba - Zomato
Thanda Mamla on the other hand, is a quieter, makeshift restaurant (Vegetarian food only) that’s excellent for Maharastrian food. Case in point: their Brinjal Bhindi Masala.

Thanda Mamla - Zomato
While the designated driver for the ride can enjoy a superb Lassi, the rest of you guys can chug in some pre-drinks at Babi Daa Punjabi Dhaba. Balance it out with some hardcore non-vegetarian food and the ride will only get better!
Gateway to Pune
The guys at Joshi Wadewale at Wanawari are always eager to please with their garama-garam Pakodas, Upama and Vada Paos. It’s a good idea to grab a snack just before you enter the city – so you’re all set for the drinking marathon at the festival!
In The City
You’ve finally hit the city, and if you’ve been going non-stop so far, it’s time you parked at Inn Green. Located at Swargate, Inn Green provides an inexpensive fine-dining experience and even a wild Fried Ice-cream! Disclaimer: Veg only.

Inn Green - Zomato

Now that you have a fair idea of the food that awaits you enroute, take a look at your car full of happy festival goers and tell us: road trips – yay or nay?

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