The Enhanced Festival Experience – The Weekender Report

The Bacardi NH7 Weekender is awesome. The Weekender is the only event in the country where you can catch so many smashing live music acts – in such a short span of time. This makes The Weekender an enthralling, dizzying experience that leaves its attendees with enough to talk about till the next year’s edition. Couple that with the convenience of being hosted in several major cities and it is completely understandably why The Weekender is India’s hottest festival destination.

What could make something awesome even better?
Food, of course! After long meetings and pitched discussions, we concluded that the only we to improve on something so super would be have to be something to do with food – good food.

The Swiggy Food Bazaar
All the festival grounds respectively had a separate section cordoned off with the sole purpose of serving as a food station. Aptly titled ‘Food Bazaar’, the area served as a place to take a break from all the action and take a precious few minutes off to refuel.

Jump the queue
We’re well aware of the fact that everyone hates lines. Would we like to wait in line for our food? Certainly not. Located inside the Bazaar was our own little Swiggy Café. The menu consisted of handpicked items from each food stall. Festival goers could be seated in style and order their food at the café, and they’d be served at their tables, without having to face the nuisances of coupons and queues.

Water Rations at the Rehydration Station
Having a decent amount of water in the system can help prevent a mean hangover. This is something we’ve understood through our collective years of experience in the ‘industry’. The rest is pretty self-explanatory, we’d say. Part of the food bazaar was a rehydration station where festival goers (parched and other physiological states included) were given free water – as much water as they needed.

On the whole, The Weekender turned out to be an immensely exciting time for us as well, as we got a rare opportunity to interact with you guys on a scale that’s otherwise impossible. Kudos to OML and the NH7 team for pulling off these feats of unrestrained excellence, year after year. ‘til next time, folks!

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