The Introvert’s Best Friend

Food and Cat-01KC is a shy sort of human being. She spends most of her time buried in her work, regardless of what she decides to term as her ‘work’, at that moment. When at work, she has her bubble, her corner from where she sets base to outperform her peers. Being petite has its perks; the 15 inch laptop screen is roomy and can hide more than one would think.

As with any typical textbook (is there really such a thing?) introvert, KC has a unique set of quirky dilemmas. What’s hers? An unconditional, unwavering love for food. KC would love nothing better on a Friday evening than to go to that uh-mazing gastropub that she (over) hears her relatively loud peers talking about. That one, with its own hashtag and heavily populated Instagram account.

Remember, given the choice, KC would avoid human interaction almost completely, save for when it becomes completely essential. 

The best restaurants and pubs, naturally, are very, very crowded, especially on a Friday night. Often so full that people are standing around tables, partaking in animated conversation, socialising, dancing and doing every other sort of extroverted thing that triggers mental alarm bells. Of course, this became too much for KC to handle. She had some doubts on whether being mildly traumatised every weekend was a price worth paying for the food; food that’s a little expensive to begin with. She concluded that better alternatives existed.

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