#TheSwiggyHunt – Instagram Treasure Hunt

You! You who has been looking at several updates on your news feed about the new OnePlus X, and all the invites that come with it. So many have already commented on posts like these going “Ooh me! Pick me!”, but the wait ain’t gonna be long anymore.

This is your chance to land an invite to buy the OnePlus X or some Swiggy Merch for the effort.

This contest will be hosted on Instagram, so in case you’re not on it, follow right away and find your way around; you’re going to need some knowledge on how to navigate between amateur photography, selfies, spammers and everything else hosted on this fun app.

The Swiggy Hunt-03 (2)


  • Head to Swiggy’s Instagram account by searching for the handle @swiggyindia
  • Over there, the newest image, i.e the first image on the left of the screen will contain instructions that will lead you to your next clue
  • If you’ve managed to answer correctly, you’ll head to the next Instagram account, where your second clue will be hosted.
  • From there on, the pattern repeats, the questions get harder, and you get a closer to winning.

This contest won’t be a no brainer because those invites aren’t exactly easy to come by.

Good luck.

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