Times You Shouldn’t Feel Hungry

There’s a time and place for everything… or so it’s been said. However, for more than a few people, hunger pangs and rumbling stomachs have a tendency to strike at inopportune moments, and in inconvenient places. Through prodding and poking, some instances of inappropriate hunger were recorded for your pleasure.

Your friends go to a loud pub
There are people who have off days; days when they want ‘some nice and quiet’, and then there are introverts who shudder at the thought of clubbing. The problem? Being left behind by one’s peers causes sharp bouts of angst, prompting the ‘victim’ to seek comfort in morally questionable quantities of food.

“My social life is biryani.”

You wake up early on Sunday
This one is possibly the most absurd predicament on this list. Being awake and fully conscious on a Sunday morning? Rarely documented, but occasionally prevailing. The outcome of being conscious during the early hours of a Sunday is an innocent cluelessness in breakfast options, and an appetite that wastes no time in making its presence felt.

“Is it time for brunch yet?”

You’ve had the worst day and they don’t have your favourite ice cream
Mental alarm bells, flashing strobe lights and wailing sirens of panic. Cold rage. Grit teeth, repeated sighs, frustration and an exasperated ‘Oh come on!’. Seemingly, the universe is conspiring to worsen a stressful workday. A method exists, specialising in mitigating the shock from these choice-related disappointments: buying a little of every other flavour there is, and wolfing everything down in one sitting.

“There, I feel so much better.”

You have mistimed munchies
A friend shows up, catching his buddy off guard with a baggie of ‘crazy stuff’. What ensues is giggling, Pink Floyd, sci-fi movies and an unwavering urge to find and eat everything in the immediate vicinity, often due to the lack of what can pass as snacks. The dude could have had a chance to stock up, with a little advance notice.

“Bro, got chips?”

Your boss takes you to dinner
The boss treating his underlings is a rare occasion and it’s best treated with caution. The employees are well dressed, jolly and extremely conversive. The hunger pang striking during this dinner could be driven by a variety of motives. One of them being a powerful urge to ‘stick it to the man’ or similarly, a need to ‘disrupt the corporate machine’. The stomach takes over, leaving the perpetrator slightly red faced, smugly content and simultaneously feeling guilt and pride.

“I’ll have a whole meat platter with extra bacon, cheese, mashed potatoes, fries, sauteed onions, mushroom sauce, extra vegetables, a side of tempura prawns and two rounds of dessert, thank you very much.”

Over time, we’re working tirelessly to record each difficult instance to help ease things out, in the long run. You’ll hear from us again, really soon.

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