Going The Extra Mile: 10 Tweets That Show How Your Hunger Savior Delivered More Than Just Your Order!

July 13, 2018

Not only do our Hunger Saviors work tirelessly come rain or shine but they also always deliver with a wide, heart-warming smile! Which is why, take this moment to honour these and many other Hunger Saviors, who are always on the move to rescue you from your hunger pangs.

Check out a few of the many instances when they’ve won all our hearts! Also, tell us of a time when you experienced true #HungerSaviorSpirit.

1. When they delivered your cup o’ joe in (less than) perfect weather…

2. When you offered to tip, but they declined…

3. When language was no barrier in their delivery…

4. Even when your cook bailed on you…

5. Or when the Dabbawallas had their hands full…


6. Your Hunger Savior still came to your rescue!

Thank you @swiggy_in for delivering food in Mumbai even during heavy rains today without surge charges. #MumbaiRains Really appreciate delivery guy Vishal Veer ?

— Mugdha Deshmukh (@ThatGirlIn30s) July 3, 2018

7. One thing’s for sure – ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no valley low enough for them!

8. And who can forget when they delivered in more ways than one?

9. This, even when they were on their own call of duty…

10.HATS OFF! ? #HungerSaviorSpirit

Mumbai’s pouring rains or Delhi’s freezing chill stops no Hunger Savior from their mission to deliver! So fire up the Swiggy app and let them deliver your favourites to you right away. Get the app here & happy Swiggying!

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