September 2023
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Swiggy brings you the story of Ramya Lakshmi, a principal product manager, and how her love for all things product management has helped the company grow
Prasanna Venkatesh joined Swiggy in November 2016 and is currently the Director of Design at Swiggy. We are excited to present #ANewSide to Prasanna: the epicurean, versatile, and innovative. Read Prasanna’s story in his words, for he is #MoreThanASwiggster.
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Hear about Swiggy's Quiz Community from two of its champions Lalak Harnathka and Shantanu Vijay.
Ayushi Johari joined Swiggy in October 2022 and is currently working as Manager - Consumer Insights at Swiggy. We are excited to present #ANewSide to her: free-flowing, artistic, and passionate. Read her story in her words, for Ayushi is #MoreThanASwiggster.
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Here’s what you need to know about the latest learning and development tool that Swiggy launched for its restaurant partners.
SUN Mobility will power over 15,000 e-bikes on Swiggy’s delivery fleet over the next 12 months  With this deployment, Swiggy will be able to reduce Co2 emissions by as much as 20,000 tons every year, furthering its commitment to greener transportation  Bangalore, September 05, 2023: In line with its commitment to transform last-mile delivery operations...

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