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Syeda Tahera shares her experience of working, learning, and growing at Swiggy.
Shaurrya joined Swiggy in April 2022 and is currently working as an Assistant Manager - Content (DeSo) at Swiggy. We are excited to present #ANewSide to Shaurrya: the perseverant, philosophical, and relatable. Read Shaurrya’s journey in his words, for he is #MoreThanASwiggster.
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Meet Avinash Mohanraj and get an insider’s view of product operations at Swiggy.
Sabrina - Product Manager
Swiggster Sabrina Sayed has worn many hats, all with finesse and a constant pursuit of excellence. And before she ultimately carved a niche for herself in her present role as a Product Manager, her journey was filled with instinct-led decisions, curiosity & experimentation, and a whole lot of career shifts that are sure to inspire...
Seventeen months ago, Mridul Aggarwal, Manager - Menu & Brand Development, made his way to a new vertical at Swiggy - the New Supply wing. Mridul spills the beans on his transition, inspirations, and more.

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