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Here are the programs that Swiggy has launched for its deliver executives
Sexual Harassment Redressal Policy Launched to Enhance the Safety of Swiggy’s Woman Delivery Force A journey with miles to go…. We have been on a long journey to encourage more women to join us as delivery executives. The path since we onboarded our first delivery woman in 2016 has not been a linear one. During...
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Here’s how one Swiggy employee went from delivering food to taking care of products made for delivery executives — all in seven years.
Blog cover for Bonfire Pizza
The owners of Rishikesh's Bonfire Pizza could teach you a lesson or two in humility and how their endeavour with Swiggy helped them take their busines to a whole new level.
Here's the story behind the recent heart-warming video of a daughter reacting to her father's new role as Swiggy's delivery executive.
Curated courses in spoken English, IT, personal finance, and computer skills to be accessed through the delivery partner appProgram to facilitate the completion of education of delivery executives associated with Swiggy     Over 24,000 children of delivery executives have already signed up for access to high-quality online educational content Swiggy has partnered with Google and Khan Academy to...
The introduction of a wellness and yoga video and audio series for pre-shift warming up, relaxation during and post-shift Swiggy’s mission to deliver unparalleled convenience is incomplete without the efforts of our delivery executives. While technology and operational excellence have a part to play, delivery executives will remain the backbone of our service. Therefore, the...
The formalized program will help eligible delivery executives grow into managerial roles Bengaluru, April, 2022: Swiggy, India’s leading on-demand convenience platform today announced the launch of what is potentially an industry-first- an accelerator program for its delivery executives to transition into full-time, managerial-level jobs with a fixed salary and additional benefits. The program, named “Step-Ahead”...
Swiggy DE Gear 2.0
Our delivery executives are the face of our company and meet customers on a daily basis. Smart and comfortable gear plays a key role in setting them up for success. While the trademark black Swiggy  T-shirts look smart, frequent interactions with our delivery executives revealed that these T-shirts pose some practical challenges. Our team took the feedback and got...
Swiggy Instamart’s bags are now returnable. Your Swiggy delivery executive will make an extra earning as you return the bags
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