delivery partners
Here are the programs that Swiggy has launched for its deliver executives
The company wants to ensure the safety of its female delivery partners and make sure that the space is safe for more women to join the fleet.
The introduction of a wellness and yoga video and audio series for pre-shift warming up, relaxation during and post-shift Swiggy’s mission to deliver unparalleled convenience is incomplete without the efforts of our delivery executives. While technology and operational excellence have a part to play, delivery executives will remain the backbone of our service. Therefore, the...
Colonel Man Mohan Malik (Retd.) will forever remember the Christmas of 2021 as a time with unexplained miracles! Col. Malik lives in Mumbai. He has served the Indian Army for several glorious years through war and peace and been awarded the Sena Medal for his service to the nation.  “On the evening of December 25th,...
It’s hard to put into words just how much our delivery partners do for us day in and day out. While we regularly thank them for their services, it’s when real customers and real people do so, that makes them the happiest. So we’ve gone and rounded up some of the most heartfelt compliments they’ve...

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