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Here’s a story of struggle, loss and triumphing over major setbacks to start from scratch in the F&B industry.
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Here’s how Greens Restaurant in Malad West was able to reach a wider audience thanks to Swiggy.
Here’s how one business in Mumbai made a sweet comeback after the pandemic and how Minis on Swiggy is helping them grow.
Isn’t it nice sometimes to hitch plans for a casual lunch or dinner, when you can go out to eat something healthy? In fact, something that could be healthy and appetising? A healthy meal could potentially mean eating a plate full of roasted veggies with a choice of protein and a glass of yummy smoothie...
Mumbai is a city blessed with a beautiful paradox of modernity and tradition, chaos and peace, beauty and glamour. This place offers a lot of attraction points, from ancient temples, bustling streets, and rows of magnificent skyscrapers to an abundance in cultural richness. Mumbai definitely lives up to its name, i.e., ‘the city of dreams’....
Ask anyone about their favourite food item in Mumbai, and they are bound to say one word, “VADAPAAV”! Why not? This iconic Mumbai dish is a blockbuster with ‘hot spicy vada’ and ‘soft paav’ in the lead; and chutney and authentic masala in supporting roles. But other than vada paav holding superstar status, there are a number of dishes...
If ‘eating right’ has become the first thing you consider before ordering a dish, Swiggy’s new Guiltfree offering makes healthy eating more accessible (and more convenient) than ever before. 
A dream to become the best. Now, several years and decades later, they’ve become Mumbai’s most iconic snacks. They aren’t just a part of Mumbai’s history. But have helped shape it. Where did they come from? How did they evolve? How did they manage to survive the course? Today, we take you a through a...

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