September 2022
In this Women in Tech story, we have the analytics boss whose love for data science helps solve some key issues.
Here’s what one of Swiggy’s earliest restaurant partners, Bangaliana, has to say about their starry connections and no, we’re not just talking about Swiggy. Read on to find what makes an interesting script with star chefs and humble entrepreneurs
Siva Kumar talks about how one bus journey to Bangalore changed his entire life as he began a new chapter at Swiggy.
Curated courses in spoken English, IT, personal finance, and computer skills to be accessed through the delivery partner app Program to facilitate the completion of education of delivery executives associated with Swiggy      Over 24,000 children of delivery executives have already signed up for access to high-quality online educational content  Swiggy has partnered with Google and...
The company’s latest programme will help delivery executives train for new roles and upskill, while their children get access to several online education courses. Currently, 24,000 children and 37,000 DEs have been enrolled.
Find out all about Swiggy’s revamped offering Guiltfree that is attempting to change the way one looks at rich food.

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