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As Shilpy Rawat, Swiggy’s Senior Lead Software Engineer, completes five fulfilling years in the company, she shares her journey filled with lessons, challenges, and the vast role that Swiggy and technology played in overcoming them.
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If there was anyone who loves data and finding patterns it has to be Meghana Negi. Here’s how she has been bringing about change for women in the tech space.
This is the story of Ramya Subramanian, a Swiggster who embodies Swiggy's value "act like an owner" and takes charge in every aspect of her life.
In this Women in Tech story, we have someone who is all about leveling the playing field.
In this Swiggy’s Women in Tech story, you get to meet Vidhya Seetharaman, Chief of Staff to the CTO at Swiggy. The first thing that strikes you about Vidhya Seetharaman is that there is hardly anyone that she doesn’t know on the tech teams at Swiggy. And if she doesn’t, she’ll find out about them within...
In this Women in Tech story, we introduce you to the lady who is heading Swiggy's Drone project.
In this Women in Tech story, we have the analytics boss whose love for data science helps solve some key issues.
In this Women in Tech story, we have a strong contender who can knock you out of the ring with her never-give up attitude.
Heading one of the niche technical roles, in a profession where women occupy a significantly small space, Goda Doreswamy is clearly the leading lady at Swiggy.

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