Siva Kumar talks about how one bus journey to Bangalore changed his entire life as he began a new chapter at Swiggy.
How does one get through two massive setbacks but still persevere? Ask the Shubham duo of Chandigarh's Prashadam, who with the help of Swiggy's Anmol Kataria found success.
Born to a farming family, in the village of Dhule, some 180 kms from Nashik, Vilas Desale had one dream — to start his own business. His family however wanted him to stick to farming. 
This is a story of how one man did everything he could to save his  family business backed by Swiggy’s sales manager.
Swiggy Instamart’s bags are now returnable. Your Swiggy delivery executive will make an extra earning as you return the bags
Whether it’s delivering a late night meal or picking up medicines, our delivery partners always step up for India during its time of need in countless ways. As they care for the nation, the care that they will receive has been doubled up, too, through Swiggy Suraksha – a specialized Covid-19 healthcare and support programme,...
Order from Restaurants with Best Safety Standards
Find out what’s in and what to socially distance yourself from. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Order Now
Watch Chef Ranveer Brar speak about ordering in, safety protocols he follows, and more. 
In March this year, as many countries announced various degrees of lockdown and safety measures, India too announced a nation-wide lockdown for three weeks. With COVID-19 cases surging during this period individuals and businesses across the country were severely impacted. Businesses of all sizes, across industries suffered the impact of the lockdown as all non-essential...

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