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This is the story of a mother-daughter duo, the joys and challenges of working together and how Minis on Swiggy is playing a small role in taking these hand-crafted soaps across homes in India. 
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Here's the story of how two people took their love for all things food and beverages and converted it into the Local Ferment Co.
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In this Swiggy’s Women in Tech story, you get to meet Vidhya Seetharaman, Chief of Staff to the CTO at Swiggy.
This is the story of how one businessman ventured into the world of F&B with no prior experience and helped evolve the food scene in Patna along with Swiggy.
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We asked Instamart’s sellers about what drives these efficiently timed deliveries and the female staff who are ensuring this level of customer satisfaction. Here's what we learnt.
Here’s how one man made his entry into the F&B industry by learning how to make Pizza online and how Swiggy helped take his business to the next level.
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