June 2021
Pride month is an important time for the queer community. It marks a milestone in a long history of struggle and reminds us all of the hard fight ahead. It’s also a time to honour love and identity.  The family dining table is where we gather to mark the end of the day with our...
This Yoga Day, we thought we’d do a simple yoga class for those who’ve never take one (Or have taken one and quit at some point). Here’s some basic poses you can do on days other than Yoga Day too, to keep yourself calm.
It’s hard to put into words just how much our delivery partners do for us day in and day out. While we regularly thank them for their services, it’s when real customers and real people do so, that makes them the happiest. So we’ve gone and rounded up some of the most heartfelt compliments they’ve...
Whether it’s delivering a late night meal or picking up medicines, our delivery partners always step up for India during its time of need in countless ways. As they care for the nation, the care that they will receive has been doubled up, too, through Swiggy Suraksha – a specialized Covid-19 healthcare and support programme,...

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