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The Swiggy Food Carnival Is In Your City!

India’s first digital food carnival is coming to town! Are you ready to indulge?  It’s a great time to be hungry because the Swiggy Food Carnival gives you all the excuses you need to eat! We bring to you the first event of its kind, with over 1300+ restaurants offering discounts between 10%-30%! You can […]

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Inside (Double) Scoop – Gettin’ them awesome restaurants!

How do we choose a restaurant? How do we list a restaurant? What measures do we take if a restaurant doesn’t live up to our standards? How do we build partnerships with restaurants? All your questions are going to be answered, read on to find out! How do we choose a restaurant? The first aspect of […]

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Swiggy Wins Outlook Social Media Award!

We’re happy to let you know that we’ve been awarded the ‘Startup Of The Year’ at the Outlook Social Media Awards 2016! The award was launched by ‘Outlook’ and is the first initiative of its kind by a mainstream media organisation to honour the stars of the social media world. OSM Awards acknowledge stellar work […]

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12 Must-try Pure Veg restaurants in Pune!

Festive seasons always bring about different food cravings. For veggie lovers (and meat lovers who are looking to be impressed by vegetarian food) this is a great time to indulge those cravings in the choicest of options! Not sure where to begin? Here are 12 pure Veg restaurants in Pune which you have to try […]

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6 Bachelor Food Eating Habits That Should Become Mainstream!

Living alone isn’t easy. Whether it’s the chores or the bills, staying away from home means having to have to fend for yourself. But one of the biggest conundrums that comes with the bachelor life is planning your meals. For those of you who aren’t too skilled in the kitchen and are tired of going […]

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9 Dishes That You Can Eat During Navratri

  It’s that time of the year again! Navratri, the nine-night festive celebration is just around the corner which means we have more excuses to eat and stay up all night to dance the calories away. How do you enjoy a festival that has limited choices for someone who’s following the Navratri fast, you ask? […]

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10 Droolworthy Instagram Accounts on Swiggy!

For those who use Instagram, it is more than an app- it is a way of life. You share more than mere selfies. You show the world a glimpse of your life. But one of the most gratifying uses of Instagram is following restaurants. Be it pictures of food, guests or  parties hosted – following […]

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10 Yummy Ways To Relish Waffles

Everything about a waffle is appealing. Whether it’s the sweet aroma you can’t get enough of or it’s characteristic golden yellow highlight that is oh so beautiful; and while there may be many waffle lovers out there, there are an equal amount of ways you can eat a waffle too! We bring you 10 of […]

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2 Minute Guide To Biryani That You Thought You Knew!

Of all the dishes that can be made using rice, biryani scores the highest in terms of popularity. This holds good not just endemically in India, or to a specific age group. On the contrary, biryani is immensely popular all across the globe! A lesser known fact is that biryani isn’t limited to the Hyderabadi. […]

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10 Must – Try Dishes in Delhi That Are Just a Swiggy Away

One of the best cities in India to experience a variety of dishes is apni Dilli aka Delhi. In this article, we take you through some mouth watering delicacies that you can try from restaurants & eating joints from this city that is a gastronomical delight. 1. Gulati, Pandara Road, : Image Source: Wikipedia One of […]

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