May 2024
Imagine this: a mouthwatering lineup of dosas, idlis, and vadas, ready to whisk you away on a flavorful adventure through South India! The Swiggy Restaurant Awards 2024 have revealed the cream of the crop, showcasing the best of South Indian cuisine for food lovers everywhere.  Dosa, idli, and vada are the stars of South Indian...
Swiggy has partnered with Dail 4242 to set up Mobile Medical Units for health check-ups of delivery partners right where they are Swiggy has also joined forces with the Reliance-powered Visit app to offer teleconsultation services for all its delivery partners and their families Bangalore, 22 May 2024: Swiggy, India’s pioneering on-demand convenience platform, has...
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Swiggy’s Principal Product Manager, Raunak Singh shares memorable experiences that shaped his five years at the company.
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Setting up a cheese facility in the heart of Bangalore is no easy-cheesy feat, but here’s how Shruti Golchha and chef Manu Chandra are successfully running their business with Minis on Swiggy.
In the competitive landscape of online food platforms, where countless restaurants vie for attention, getting noticed is crucial for success. To thrive, a restaurant must boost its visibility and grab customers’ interest. To empower restaurants to stand out and get discovered effortlessly, Swiggy created the Self Serve Ads platform, a user-friendly tool designed to boost...

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