In this Women in Tech story, we introduce you to the lady who is heading Swiggy's Drone project.
Here's how Swiggy helped take Kolkata's famous confectionery to more people than ever.
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As a company, Swiggy is famous for what it does - delivering unparalleled convenience to millions of Indian doorsteps every day. But what we do, relies heavily on who we are and what we believe in. Here’s a glimpse into the Swiggy values, and how they have come to shape our identity.  
How India Swiggy'd in 2022
7th edition of Swiggy’s annual trends report (formerly StatEATstics) 2022 was a back-to-normal year, old and new trends in food, grocery, and errands delivery emerged  Biryani continued to set new records with 2.28 biryani orders per second; India’s taste buds also explored foreign flavors with Ravioli (Italian) and Bibimbap (Korean) emerging as popular choices Users...
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When life threw Renu Mulik challenges, she looked it in the eye and worked through it with courage and Swiggy on her side. Here's her story and how Swiggy helped her take her restaurant to another level
Swiggy's foray into enablement offers sellers a no-code, zero commission selling solution they can set up in 3 simple steps. Here's what you need to know!
Here are the programs that Swiggy has launched for its deliver executives
Here's how one café and bakery helped change the food scene in Goa and how Swiggy enabled them to grow even further.
The company wants to ensure the safety of its female delivery partners and make sure that the space is safe for more women to join the fleet.
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