We’re Shining The Spotlight On The Lives & Times Of These ‘Swiggy Select’ Restaurant Partners

September 23, 2018

The journey of each restaurant partner at Swiggy is much like our own. To build a successful restaurant venture, you need to get many things right, everything from visibility to the right customers to understanding the palate of the neighbourhood.

And while this journey has been difficult for these restaurant partners, it wasn’t impossible! By being part of the Swiggy Select programme, our restaurant partners have seen growth in their business unlike ever before.

And now, you can hear these success stories, uncensored & straight from the source!

Restaurateurs, this is for you!

Swiggy Spotlight, our new 8-episode series, features top Swiggy Select restaurant partners from across the country in conversation with Saransh Goila of “Goila’s Butter Chicken” fame. These stories, packed with dreams, goals, failures & eventual success of Swiggy Select partners, are truly food for thought!

It doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur restaurateur or or have been in the industry for longer than you can remember. You’ll relate to all the ‘aha!’ moments, the passion for food and the struggles of being a restaurateur.

Join Saransh Goila as he talks to:

  • Episode 1: Anurag Katriar of Indigo Burger Project, Mumbai
  • Episode 2: Biju Thomas of Adigas, Bengaluru (coming soon)
  • Episode 3: Ashwin Mocherla of The Thickshake Factory, Hyderabad (coming soon)
  • Episode 4: Bishwajit Mandal of Southy, Delhi NCR (coming soon)
  • Episode 5: Asher Ather of Aminia, Kolkata (coming soon)
  • Episode 6: Avinash Bajaj & Avinash Jaikishan of Truffles, Bengaluru (coming soon)
  • Episode 7: Katla Sandeep Reddy of KS Bakers, Hyderabad (coming soon)
  • Episode 8: Gaurav Gite of Marrakesh, Pune (coming soon)

What is Swiggy Select?

Nobody understands all the struggles of running a successful restaurant business as well as we do. And Swiggy Select is a programme to solve this universal problem.

Restaurants on the Swiggy Select programme get access to a host of insights and technology, designed to help them unlock the full potential of their business, which is done by:

  • Identifying opportunities for maximum visibility
  • Understanding customer preferences & behaviour
  • Getting access to newer avenues for growth

With Swiggy Select, our restaurant partners do what they do best while we take care of making their dream a success! Watch this space for more inspiring stories from Swiggy Select partners, straight from the heart.

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