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January 8, 2019

At Swiggy, we’ve always believed in doing things differently. We like to put the platter on the table and let our customers choose what they want to eat.

4 years, 55,000 restaurants and a presence in 60 cities later, Swiggy has stayed true to its mantra of bringing more convenience and reliability into the lives of millions of consumers. While we may be the platform of choice in all leading cities, we’re aware that just a few kilometres away, in universities towns and large campuses, thousands of students do not have access to this delightful food ordering experience. The brightest minds on course to lead our country tomorrow shouldn’t have to survive on instant noodles, processed food and very often, a limited canteen menu.

Why should students not have the same food choices as others?

LAUNCHPAD – bringing the platter closer to students

To address this gap, we recently introduced Swiggy Launchpad – an industry-first initiative to bring quality food closer to universities and campuses (especially those in remote locations) along with the benefit of Swiggy’s lightning fast and hassle-free deliveries.

From placing online orders at college canteens using the Swiggy app and avoiding queues, pre-ordering takeaways from restaurants nearby, to satisfying early and late-night cravings, students now have the same convenience in their universities as anybody in the rest of the country.

But wait, that’s still not the most interesting part of Launchpad!

Campus CEO – Makings of an Entrepreneur

If there is one thing students love more than food, it is to dream of leading a successful business. In a country as large and diverse as India, students across large and mid-sized campuses (armed with local knowledge) have an opportunity to partner with Swiggy and build a thriving food delivery business right within their campus.

As a Campus CEO:

  • Student ambassadors will experience being an Entrepreneur or the campus CEO for Swiggy, giving them a hands-on experience with customers, partners and the entire food delivery business itself
  • They will face real-world problems and be challenged to think out-of-the-box
  • They will understand cuisines and local preferences, work with student diversities and varied customer psyches
  • They will consult, implement, execute and analyse the Swiggy business in their respective territories
  • They will collect data, decode it, and empowered with this information, drive progress for vendors
  • They will speak business and will be responsible for growth

These Campus CEOs will be trained and guided by a dedicated team at Swiggy and get hands-on experience in operating a business as complex as food delivery.

Bringing you the future today

For Swiggy’s Campus CEOs, this is a real-time assignment and one-of-kind learning experience in running a business. Needless to say, when students venture out, the Swiggy CEO experience will add depth to their resumes. Campus CEOs will have begun their professional journeys even before completion of their education, to create win-win situations, not to mention, encashing brownie points from peers for bringing sumptuous food closer.

We’ve already launched pilot programs in select universities across India and are gearing to touch 500 universities by the end of this year. Your campus could be next!

Are you the next Entrepreneur in-the-making?

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