A New App To Empower our Delivery Partners

April 8, 2019

Venkatesh has just picked up an order and rides to the customer’s location to deliver. Unfortunately, his internet connection is slow and the customer won’t answer his call. This does not happen often, but when it does, it is worrying for Venkatesh.   

In another part of the country, Rajiv has been delivering orders for over 4 hours. His mother’s birthday is around the corner and he wants to buy her a special gift. He looks at his app to see his earnings but the app is so complex, he is not sure whether he’s earned enough to afford her gift.

Meanwhile, Aravindan has gone on a long ride to pick up an order. On delivering it, he finds that his app does not show any new orders in that location. He is disappointed.

These are real-life scenarios that delivery partners face on a day-to-day basis but at Swiggy, these challenges are not to be taken lightly.

Having grown to over 100 cities in a short span of 4 years, we have over 1.35 lakh active delivery partners, the backbone of our company, who have played a vital role in our humbling growth.

More often than not, delivery partners rarely air their views or concerns. But at Swiggy, it is regular practice to take on-the-ground feedback and frequently upgrade service levels and offerings, to include a conducive work environment for delivery partners.

Introducing Swiggy’s new Delivery Partner App

For delivery partners, the app becomes a single point interface for their day-to-day operations and they want it to be smart, simple and informative such as understanding their daily earnings and incentives. With the launch of Swiggy’s new delivery partner app, partners are now able to increase their operational efficiencies and earnings.

Understanding the pain points led to defining 4 key principles based around providing clutter free interface, local area heatmaps and integrated navigation.

  • Local area heatmaps – projecting earnings potential

Delivery partners want to maximize the number of orders delivered during peak hours. A new `heatmap’ feature guides partners to locations in their vicinity with a high density of orders. Swiggy is able to bring together real-time demand mapping and data-backed prediction models, to accurately pinpoint the closest location a delivery partner could reach & secure the next order – translating into increased earning potential for partners.

Local area heatmaps to guide partners to locations with a high density of orders
Local area heatmaps
  • One-touch earnings screen

With a simple UI, delivery partners are now able to view their daily earnings upfront on the home screen and check delivery-wise status, earnings, time on the job, cash in hand, total orders and incentives earned in just one simple scroll.

Simple UI to display daily earnings upfront
Daily and weekly earnings
  • In-app navigation

Patchy internet connectivity is an extremely painful experience for a delivery partner on the job.

With Swiggy’s in-app ‘map’ feature, partners need not switch between apps to get directions to a location. Also, with reduced app updates, partners need not worry about suddenly updating their apps while on the move.

In-app navigation
Integrated maps
  • Dark mode interface

To ensure readability at any given point in time, from bright daylight to night time, a default dark-mode interface has been created. This makes reading important information on the screen effortless. Dark-mode interface not only works great in all types of ambient light conditions, but also reduces battery drain reducing dependence on portable powerbanks.

As Swiggy continues to make a business out of satiating your hunger pangs, our innovative platform helps generate revenue for restaurants and provide employment for thousands of delivery partners.

Summarizing his experience, Venkatesh, who has been with Swiggy since its inception says,


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