Cheese Tea: Is This Trend Your Cuppa Tea?

October 10, 2019

The food and beverages industry has thrown up some downright bizarre concoctions over the years. From cauliflower pizzas to charcoal-activated burgers, we’ve seen it all (or so we thought). The latest trend to raise eyebrows? Cheese Tea.

We know what you’re thinking – now would be a good time to take back what you said about putting cheese on anything. But just like other wacky flavors, we reckon it’s worth trying before dismissing it altogether.

So, what is this cheez?

Cheese Tea’s origins trace back to China, where black tea was topped with a foam made from salty or sweet cream cheese, milk, and whipping cream. Throw in a pinch of salt, and voila, Cheese Tea was born.

Tea masters recommend drinking the beverage straight from the edge of the cup and not mixing the layers. This technique helps you taste the creamy, thick texture of the cream cheese foam before it blends with the tea mixture in your mouth for a full-bodied experience.

While it sounds like something you’d only see on Masterchef and the pages of Instagram influencers, we reckon this cool beverage is something you’ll see more and more of in cafes and restaurants as the year comes to a close.

Will this trend last? Well, it’s Made in China. So, let’s see. (Jk.)

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