Calling The Best Bangalore Burgers Home

November 7, 2019

When it comes to Bangalore’s favourite burgers, we’ve got a list to make you drool. But this isn’t any old ordinary list; this list will help you bring your burgers home! You can thank us later 😀

To make sure we’ve covered all our bases, we’ve shortlisted places that serve the best of the best burgers near you. Sounds good right? Are you ready to begin?

Burger Yard

Meat lovers rejoice! Because this is the place for you. Out of everything available at the Burger Yard, a must-have and one of their biggest sellers is the Lamborgini Burger – A juicy lamb patty that’s grilled to perfection, sandwiched between your favourites veggies and soft buns.


This isn’t the first time you’re hearing about Bundar, is it? We didn’t think so. Well, as you would’ve heard, Bundar is the place to get your patty on. To make sure you get the best of the best, we recommend trying the Texas pulled pork burger and the mad over cheeseburger.

Wat – a – Burger

Don’t worry veggies lovers, we didn’t forget you. It’s hard to find an all-veg burger joint, but voila! Bangalore has it and Swiggy delivers for it. Choose from a selection of crispy patties, juicy patties, freshly baked buns and oh so much more. Looking for the best at Wat-a-Burger? Order in the pinto potato burger and the hot paneer chilli lava burger.


This is one place that doesn’t need any introduction. One of Bangalore’s legendary restaurants, Truffle’s burgers are an icon of the city. Make sure you get the best bites when ordering in from Truffles by trying out the all American veg burger and the sloppy joe lamb burger.

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