Uncovering The Deepest, Darkest Confessions Of Foodies Under Lockdown

October 28, 2020

From mixing ketchup with cooked pasta to whipping up curd with chocolate sauce, a lot of us resorted to some pretty desperate measures during lockdown, to get a fix of our favourite foods.  

(If you’re as big a foodie as we think you are, we’re sure you resorted to them too.) 

To uncover these dastardly deeds, we reached out to foodies across the nation, and what we found was astounding! 

Warning: The confessions you’re about to read are so dark, we had no option but to keep them anonymous.

Confession #1

I found (what I think) were old rotis in the fridge and covered them with ketchup and cheese to kick my pizza craving

– A soul grieving the Italy 2020 trip that never happened

Confession #2

I did the chicken dance in exchange for some leftover chilli chicken. LEFTOVER!

Girl who tripped and fell after doing said chicken dance

Confession #3

I locked my brother in the bathroom to steal the last brownie he was saving. (And then forgot to unlock the door.)

A recently turned single-child

Confession #4

I ‘accidentally’ dropped a chocolate bar on the ground so that I wouldn’t have to share it with my boyfriend.

The one your mother should actually warn you about

Confession #5

I gave my WiFi password to my neighbour in exchange for homemade biryani.

Deal-master par excellence

Confession #6

I ‘borrowed’ my roommate’s last packet of instant noodles and pretended not to know what happened to it.

The friend who chooses to not give a fork

Now, spill the beans and fess up – what food sins have you committed under lockdown? 

Write to us @swiggy_in with the hashtag #FoodieConfessions on Twitter.

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