The Ultimate Swiggy Features Wishlist

March 1, 2021

If you’re reading this, chances are you already love Swiggy. (Don’t blame you; we are pretty awesome! ?) Despite that, though, we’re sure you also have a wishlist of a whole lot of other things we could do. Here are some moonshot features that we wish we could bring to life at Swiggy.  

The Bingenator

Remember that episode in Friends where Rachel is describing that cheesecake someone left outside her apartment? Or that scene in Chef where the pan makes love to a grilled cheese? Remember wishing you could just Swiggy that exact same dish (not just any cheesecake, not just any grilled cheese, but exactly what was on your screen) right then and there? In a perfect world, you’d be able to scan what’s on your screen with your Swiggy app and we’d be able to get a restaurant to replicate the recipe to the tee for you. Fingers crossed we’ll get there some day ?


The Drone Darshan

If you’re one of those “It’s been a whole 4 minutes since I ordered! Where’s my foooood?!” kinda people, then we’re sure you’ve thought about this one. The good news is, drone deliveries could probably happen for real in the near(ish) future. And given the hideous traffic sitch in most Indian cities, we hope it happens sooner than later.

PS: Can’t wait to see what the track screen for this would look like!  


The Calorie Translator

If you’re like the writer of this post, you probably go for a run (jog? crawl?) only when you’re feeling guilty about having overindulged over the weekend. Which means – also like the writer of this post – you probably don’t want to expend energy burning off one even one extra calorie. Wouldn’t it be great if Swiggy could tell you exactly how many kilometres you needed to run to burn off that Paneer Butter Masala? Or how many laps will undo that Iced Caramel Macchiato? Just… STOP MAKING US DO MATH, PEOPLE! 


The Mind Reader

You know how sometimes you’re craving something, but just don’t know what you’re craving? Worst. Feeling. Ever! Which is why, we’d have loved to be able to read that beautiful mind of yours and tell you what even you don’t know – what food or beverage you’d most enjoy in that moment.

Top Secret: We’re currently testing an MVP for this feature and sense that you’re craving pani puri right now. Did we get it right? No? Eh… it was worth a shot. 


The Time Traveler

What would nutrition look like in the future? Would we just pop idli-flavoured pills for breakfast? And what was food like fifty years ago? Was the mooli truly sweeter like dadi says? If only Swiggy could traverse time and tell us!


The Eraser

Picture this: you’re enjoying your Sunday with your favourite biryani. You’re on the very last bite,  the one you want to savour the most, when you bite into *suspense music* an ELAICHI! Now your whole meal… nay, your whole Sunday is ruined and what even is the meaning of life?! 

Which is why we feel we need a feature called The Eraser. Toggle it to ON and you’d never have elaichi in your biryani, malai in your chai, or namak on your jala. 


Well, that’s our wishlist. Is there something you’d add to it? Tweet about it using #SwiggyWishlist and let us know.

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