T&Cs For Swiggy Genie Delivery Support For Covid19 Related Orders

May 12, 2021

  1. To participate in this initiative you must be a Swiggy user and also have a Swiggy Genie for Business link created for your profile
  2. Swiggy has the right to select users and extend the offer only to relevant users who fit the criteria. 
  3. To be selected users must be providing essential items like food, medicine, and groceries to the people in need.
  4. Offer will be applied only for the Max Cap of orders which changes from user to user
  5. Offer will be valid on orders placed by anyone by clicking on their personal GFB link created.
  6. Orders is valid on orders placed by both the seller and the end customers
  7. Orders placed via the link will automatically see a slashed price which would be the discounted amount
  8. The program is limited time only and Swiggy reserves the decision to change the construct without prior intimation.
  9. All changes will be communicated to only verified sellers within 48 hours of the instance
  10. Swiggy reserves the right to pause or stop the offer for a seller if we find some discrepancy inactions of the seller
  11. Swiggy reserves the right to pause or stop the overall initiative at any point and a 48 hrs prior announcement will be sent to verified sellers 
  12. Swiggy will have no liability in terms of the items being delivered by the users to their customers
  13. In case of queries write to us at: swiggygenie@swiggy.in or call us on: 080-68186686/080-45664766

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