Announcing Phani Kishan As Co-founder

July 12, 2021

Hello team

I’m writing today to share an exciting moment in Swiggy’s journey. It’s the outcome of some deep reflection over the last few months, about the 7 years that have passed for Swiggy. 

While our journey has been nothing short of incredible, this reflection gave me a chance to take a step back and think about the people who went out of their way to believe in our mission and made sure we got here.

This is an ode to one such Swiggster – someone who’s been one of my biggest sources of energy in this journey. Nandan and I are really excited to share with you that Phani Kishan will now be elevated to a co-founder role at Swiggy. 

Phani joined us very early on in 2015, and has been my fixer and go-to guy for many important problems for as long as I can remember. Over these 6 years, he’s probably had the record for setting up multiple high leverage functions from the ground up.

I’ve always been amazed by Phani’s ability to take on very new charters and operate from first principles, to go out and do a stellar job. His approach to building new and enduring organisational capabilities (read superpowers) has always been a force multiplier for us, and I can’t wait to see him go on and take new challenges to build even more superpowers in the years to come.

While I’ve talked about his roles and problem solving, the single biggest reason I feel very excited about this elevation is this: Phani role-models the Swiggy culture and values, and lives by them on a daily basis… as if he knows no other way to operate. He was a part of the core team that helped shape our values early on, and has leaned on them like religion to drive action and energize everyone he works with. His energy, can-do attitude and founder mentality are all goal-worthy for any Swiggster to succeed here and make a huge impact in the company’s future.

Phani will now also be joining the M-team and will be even more closely involved in helping shape the company’s future on our dream to build India’s most loved customer brand and an enduring institution. 

Here’s looking forward to more awesomeness in the years to come, Phani! 



This post originally went out as an email to the team at Swiggy on 12th July 2021.
Some of the content may have been edited for language and brevity.

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