January 25, 2022

@unfunnyket, we heard you!
You can now return your old Instamart bags.

When you have one too many Swiggy Instamart bags, what do you do? Make garlands of them? No. Paint on them? No. Sketch on them and use them as face masks for the next big international heist mission? That would be cool, but hell no!

All you have to do is give away your old Instamart bags with your next Instamart order. When your Swiggy Delivery Executive comes over, hand it over to them (and they’ll hand the bags over to their respective hubs whenever possible)

The upsides of this:

  1. You’ll get rid of all that clutter
  2. The bags will be sanitized and reused, so you’ll be helping in reducing waste (Mother Nature šŸ‘ this)
  3. For every bag you return, our delivery executives will get a reward (yes, you get karma points too)

The downsides of this:

There are no downsides.

So what are you waiting for? If you’ve got baggage to get rid of, get it done within minutes! 

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