A Delivery Beyond the Call of Duty

February 1, 2022

Colonel Man Mohan Malik (Retd.) will forever remember the Christmas of 2021 as a time with unexplained miracles! Col. Malik lives in Mumbai. He has served the Indian Army for several glorious years through war and peace and been awarded the Sena Medal for his service to the nation. 

“On the evening of December 25th, I became seriously ill. My son put me in his car to take me to the hospital. We were trying to get to Bandra as fast as  possible from our residence in Jogeshwari. When we reached the Reclamation area at around 6:30 pm, we were faced with bumper-to-bumper traffic and were unable to move even an inch.” says Col. Malik.

Stuck only half a kilometer away from the hospital, Col. Malik began feeling worse and felt he would collapse any moment. In sheer anguish, his son frantically pleaded for help. He requested two-wheeler riders for help as they could navigate through the traffic faster and drop his father at the hospital. But passers-by did not stop. 

“Suddenly, we saw a Swiggy delivery person across the road. He was moving from Reclamation towards the hospital. I asked my son to request him for help as my situation was deteriorating quickly,” recollects Col. Malik, his eyes tearing up. “The delivery boy was kind and immediately agreed. I jumped behind him, and we moved towards the hospital,” he added. 

With Col. Malik secured as a pillion, the delivery executive rode with grit and determination through what was the most crucial last mile to the hospital. Shouting loudly, and over and over again “emergency! patient! please give way, move aside”, the delivery executive asked other motorists to give way. 

“As we approached the hospital, we found the gates were closed. The Swiggy delivery executive requested the security guard who was stationed at a distance to open the gate as there was a “serious patient” requiring immediate admission to the emergency ward. He then went on to also inform the staff, requesting them to act at the earliest. The medical team rushed to the spot, and the last I remember, I was being wheeled into the hospital, ” says Col Malik

Meanwhile, Col. Malik’s son continued to struggle with heavy traffic owing to the festive season. After a 30-minute ordeal with traffic, he reached the hospital and learned that his father was brought to the hospital just in time. For three weeks in the ICU, Col. Malik fought a battle like no other and eventually emerged victorious returning home to his loved ones.

“After several weeks at the hospital, I am quite well. All I could think about was the god-sent angel dressed as a delivery boy who gave me a new lease of life. For me, he is truly a “Saviour” as Swiggy calls them. If not for the delivery executive, I would have perhaps never been able to return to my loved ones. It’s not an experience I will ever forget. Thank you to him and all the unsung delivery heroes !,” says Col. Malik

An ordinary day with an extra-ordinary ending for Mrunal Kirdat

Over a year ago, Mrunal, 28, joined Swiggy. Every day is different and Mrunal takes great pride in serving each and every customer. Christmas Eve of 2021 was no different and he was on his delivery rounds when he heard the cries for help. 

“I felt it was my duty to help them, I didn’t think too much and just wanted to do what was needed at that time. I somehow got the courage to drop Sir at the hospital. I would have done it for my family and am happy that I could help. I thank him for his good wishes and wish him well,” says Mrunal Kirdat.

This story of our delivery executive Mrunal Kirdat wins our hearts and adds true meaning to what we do. A salute to all our delivery heroes like Mrunal who are an inspiration for us and many others.

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